ISBI: Welcome Ben!

Turns out Eva and Bray’s first born was a little boy! They named him Ben. 

The first day he was home he was very quiet and Bray even changed his diaper! Good work, sir. The next day the couple had to go to work and they left him at daycare.

Bad news time. He didn’t come back from daycare. If you clicked on the bassinet it just said “age up”. kept trying to make it so he would come home but he didn’t. Eva had to work but Bray had a couple days off so I couldn’t force him to daycare. (As I write this I realise that I could have sent them on a date and come home and he might have come back. Oh well.)

I suppose I got off easy for this first child but the next, when it arrives, probably won’t be so.

I waited until it said his birthday was that day and aged him up…

It worked! We have child! Look how cute his hair is. I’m not sure where the red head gene comes from but I’ll take it.


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