ISBI: The Next Step

 The following morning, Eva got up and headed to the kitchen to make some breakfast.

Bray is a little lazy, from what I can tell. He slept until about 10:30…
She decided on eggs and toast, adding to her count of excellent meals and another step closer to her aspiration being fulfilled.
Look at what she has in her fridge – a little sparse, don’t you think?

Actually, at some point during this day, she completed stage one and moved on to slightly harder goals…

Oh yes.

I like this because you can see him holding the ring!

Congratulations, Eva Ash and Brayan Schubert! (I never told you his last name, but as a musician I LOVE it).

Next chapter you can see them start their life together and me work on not giving him orders…


Bray’s traits

  1. Loner
  2. Cheerful
  3. Slob

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