ISBI: Eva’s Whirlwind Romance

So far this challenge hasn’t been too hard. I mean, it shouldn’t be right now because I’m controlling the only Sim there is. Duh.

There was a slight temptation to move in Brayan once they were good friends but then I realized I’d make this much more frustrating for me if I did that before I absolutely had to.

As we left her, Eva and Bray had a fun day out on the town, best buds! Well, Eva has different plans for today…


Yeah, this gif changes positions but I don’t really care what you think ;P

Yeah, he took the bait. They officially declared themselves boyfriend and girlfriend and she invited him on a date to the Rattlesnake Bar.

A nice start

Even Bray has the moves!

Look how happy she is!!

They sat and talked for a long time earning those date points. After finally getting drinks together, they maxed out their date score and earned a gold medal. Yessss!

Bray went to use the bathroom and Eva took a moment to freshen up at the sink before joining him in the stall and flirting.

That better be all you’re doing in there – you’re in a public place!

They went back to Eva’s place and decided to enjoy themselves a bit…

I hoped they turned that happy little panda away

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