ISBI: Eva’s First Good Friend

This afternoon, Brayan came over and the two had a nice time hanging out. They became good friends and Eva decided that she wouldn’t try to put the moves on him until they became best friends. She also learned that his final trait is cheerfulness. Yes.

They kept up their chatter until they became best friends. Alriiiiight!

A trip to the park was in order. They played a game of chess and had some observers cheering them on. Eva won, in the end.

Does your mother know you go out in public like that, ma’am?!

Following their game they took another picture! Yeah, yeah, same shot but I really don’t care. They’re adorable.

Eva made some burgers and lost track of Bray at some point so she went home soon after. She was still wide awake so she did some reading, exercising, and some dancing before going to bed.

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