ISBI Days 2-3: Settling into a Schedule

Day two began with a healthy breakfast of scrambled eggs! To fulfill her job performance requirements, she had to make 3 meals of excellent quality. She was nearly there. She also had to prepare grilled cheese 5 times. I think she did? Well, either way she has a lot of grilled cheese in her fridge. 

As she stepped into the bathroom for an “inspired” shower (that always makes me wonder what they’re being inspired by… SORRY), she received a call from her beau from the evening before, Brayan. She somehow is able to answer whilst still in the shower and he pops on over, immediately coming inside and taking a book into her bedroom to read (she doesn’t have a couch yet). As she’s finishing up in the bathroom, he decides that he’d rather dance to the radio in the kitchen and waltzes around her house like he owns it. I mean, you’re not even friends yet, Brayan. Slow down, buddy!
Yeah, I feel that way, too, Eva.

As she hasn’t finished her excellent meal goal yet, she starts on a single serving of a garden salad BLT (because she has $8 in her pocket and a single serving costs $4). Brayan continues to dance like it’s no one’s business.

She’s pondering if he’ll be a good addition to her household, even with his dancing…
Once she’s finished her salad BLT, she’s pretty pleased that she’ll likely go to work with all her goals achieved. The two get to chatting and soon they’re friends. Time for a celebratory photo op!
Not gonna lie, I sort of love his weird glasses and nose ring
It’s getting close to her first night of work so she abandons Brayan and pops in the shower again to become inspired. Thankfully he also decides he has other places to be and takes his leave. I’m excited to see where those two take things in the coming days.
Eva did so well at her first night of work that she earned a promotion right off the bat! (She overloaded a dishwasher in a desperate moment and earned a medium performance increase so that was likely a great choice!) She is now the head dishwasher. Way to go, Eva!
She takes some time to read a book and then, exhausted, heads to bed to close out her second night in town.
The next morning she gets going in preparation to get as much done as possible before work. But, hey – she has three days off! Score!
With her new found freedom she decides to go for a jog and show off those tats!

What else will she do before the day is up? We’ll have to wait and see!

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