Chapter 11: Kaida Arrives

The kids take over the house with baby Kaida’s arrival.

I took a night off of simming yesterday because I wanted to download ios8 and that took a lot out of my computer (our internet is not the best). I also had church choir so I was out fairly late socializing.
Any who, last we saw our little family had finally gotten rid of those pesky babies and Ryu and Fiona grew into children. They’ve tried their best to keep up with their homework so far but have honestly spent a little more time trying to skill up. This is the morning so they’re a little behind. Spencer isn’t judging them, though. He’s too busy eating his fruit parfait.


They’ve gotten on very well and having your cousin in the house is pretty sweet. Better than having a sibling, Ryu thinks.


Uh oh. Looks like Spencer was successful in taking Rei’s mind off of her father’s death. (Off topic, I love taking action shots of sims eating – they can make funny faces :P)


Meet Kaida! She’s been pretty chill so far. Even Aunt Reina has been loving on her niece. Reina might have to have a second baby, she thinks…

Didn’t get any further Thursday, either. I’ll probably have a little time tonight before and after the play I’m ushering for…

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