Chapter 12: That garden, though…

Rei and the case of the missing coffee pot…and plants…and relationships.

I was super lazy last night and took almost ZERO screengrabs. I was so focused on trying to keep everyone happy and get Ryu leveled up before teen-dom that I didn’t take any at all. OH WELL. I will do my best to update you on their lives before I play some more.

Last we saw, little Kaida joined the family and she’s since aged up!


(Ginger alert!)

Spencer aged into an adult and has been getting a ton of promotions as well (he’s actually the furthest). He is a lead detective in the secret agent career.


(Poor thing is so tired after work!)

Dorian aged into an elder and has been promoted several times, too. He’s now an Ace Engineer Project Manager in the Tech Guru career. He makes pretty good money! (He gained another promotion before I posted this.)


It appears I was too busy trying to keep everyone alive that I neglected some relationships. Dorian and Reina did not have equal romance! Dorian was down to a small amount of pink and Reina had half a bar. I mentioned that another baby would be nice for Reina but they didn’t want to Woohoo! I knew I had to save their marriage so I went to work and now they’re cool again. Phew. So far, no new bump but who knows what’s in store for the spare and her family.

Rei, our current heir, has made great strides in her aspiration. She gardens pretty much all day and has no job. She’s skilled all the way to level 10 but is still stuck on her last aspiration goal: evolve 10 excellent plants. I’m sure she’ll get there. Her garden is SO HUGE, though. I spent some time organizing it a little more today and got rid of a ton of plants that were just normal. It’s a lot more manageable. Something I’ve noticed is that the game puts a lot of random plants into the family inventory every time I load up a game and it’s really annoying. AND the coffee pot keeps disappearing every time I load up. Also annoying because I NEED THAT and they had the expensive coffee pot and I got nothing for it. Rude.


(Everyone needs a dance break every now and then!)
I had been working so hard on Ryu’s skills that I JUST MISSED throwing him a birthday party so he aged into a teen with the sad moodlet. Also, I guess that really pissed him off because he was given the EVIL TRAIT. Just perfect. I never play with bad traits so this will be such fun
Here’s Ryu laughing maniacally (oh dear…):


Fiona aged into a teen also (I missed it, too!) and since she isn’t eligible to be heir (cousin) I chose nerd brain (because she’s already at logic 6) and active as her traits.


(She looks SO MUCH like her second cousin Sierra. Might have to change that hair style so they aren’t identical!)

Reina got a promotion to advice columnist in the writer career so that’s a new one for me to see. (Note: every time I wanted to write about her to give her a screengrab she was sleeping. Oh well. Somehow she is staying super trim (unlike Rei!)

Okay, something strange I found today. Meilin died when she was a young adult in generation two. She was YOUNG. WELL, Ryu went to mourn her for some strange reason and LOOK AT HER MOURN ICON:


That has to be a bug, right?

Anyway, i’m going to leave this story here for now and continue work on Rei’s garden.



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