Chapter 10: Life and Death

Fiona is born, Takeo passes, and the family trudges on.

Well, after spending a half hour managing the neighborhood and then having the game CRASH, I took a deep breath and started the game back up to see how long Takeo would last. I tried to keep him surrounded by family so that they could all mourn but he lasted another two days so I wasn’t able to keep it going all the time. Before he died, though, Reina had her baby, a little girl she named Fiona. He was very lucky to meet his second grandchild.


Later that afternoon, he took out a rack of lamb to cook one last gourmet meal for his family. He was interrupted, though, as he set down his plate and “elderly demise” appeared in his queue. Rei was in the living room and Reina was NAPPING. I had failed.


But wait, what was this? Both girls came into the kitchen and began to cry! So it looks like if you’re friends with the dying person you mourn. Good to know for future reference.


Anyway, Takeo departed and was placed next to Karina in the family plot. Several times that day Reina went on her own to mourn her grandfather (Yung) despite never having met him. (That’s deep.) Rei followed suit and wept for her father.


Dorian tried his best to cheer up his wife but it didn’t do much good.


Rei and Spencer moved into the master bedroom and Ryu took over their old bedroom. Spencer also attempted to get Rei’s mind off of things and he was actually fairly successful…


Note, at this point I accidentally left the game running in the background while I updated this story and when I came back Rei and Spencer were at the club and exhausted and a whole day had passed. Right before I had sent them there on a date. I don’t know how it went. I forgot to pause it. OOPS. I also took some time to have Rei tend the garden and both babies got the message that they were hungry and could be taken away. I didn’t hear them crying! Thankfully they both made it to children. Whew.
Ryu decided to take up the violin. He’s not doing so hot.


Fiona also grew into a child. She and Ryu are already friends.


I’m glad that they’ll all be living together now because I finally got the bills… 4K! That’s the most I’ve seen so far. (Message from the future: HAAAAAA.) I hope it goes down a bit. I don’t want to have to sell their things…


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