Chapter 7: The Teen Years

Rei takes her teendom seriously and Karina gets her final days notice.

I was incredibly focused on Rei today but a lot happened while I was playing that it’s worth noting even though I’ll be updating again later this evening.

Rei, fresh into her teenage years, went to the park to find some teens! After a while of searching she found her catch: a cutie named Joseph. They hit it off, not running into any snags in conversation. They headed to the club, had a successful date, and became boyfriend and girlfriend.

image image

It’s worth noting that after they kissed the immediately high-fived and I laughed a LOT. They also exchanged promise rings! Things were serious.


Here’s his handsome face!


NATURALLY, as is the misfortune of this game currently, the next day he skipped town. (They had even messed around the night before! What an ass.) Thankfully, Rei didn’t notice he was gone, despite having all the romance buffs still going strong from the night before. Ah, young love.
After this, Karina aged into an elder (I forgot her birthday AGAIN).


Both Takeo and Karina moved up in their careers, too. Takeo took the mixologist path and Karina the gourmet chef path. Their paychecks were looking pretty nice, too. Bills still were not a problem.


(Clean your counters, you guys…SERIOUSLY!)

Reina’s birthday was next and they invited all of their friends over for a celebration.


Now that they were both teenagers, Karina took to the task of explaining WooHoo to the girls (like they didn’t know already). You can see that they were embarrassed…


Finally, it came time for the announcement that Karina was getting pretty old. She was technically granted a repeat of her adult life so she lived a long time. Takeo and Karina made the best of their final days together…



    1. Oh, thanks! It was easier at the time because I took so many screenshots and wanted to use them all! Sadly, I stopped it after a while but it’s something I was pleased with. 😛

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