Chapter 6: Rei

Life gets easier for all (except for Rei cuz’ she’s a teen).

Now that the family is finally able to get a restful night’s sleep, the art of skilling and promotions has gotten much easier. Both Takeo and Karina have moved up the culinary ladder and enjoy nearly identical schedules. Takeo even maxed out his cooking skill! He’s about twenty years ahead of his mother so he’s pretty thankful for that.


Rei and Reina have gotten on well with their cousins, Sierra and Greta. Aunt Minako visits frequently as well. Rei attempted to pick up the violin before aging into a teen but her birthday snuck up on me again and she spent the first day as a teenager a little sad (but fairly attractive).


As it was Friday (and she didn’t have class), she spent her first day home from school having a leisurely breakfast and then working out a bit.

image image

Later that evening, the girls invited their cousins over for some socializing. Rei can get a little exasperated with them all but perhaps that will change when they grow up a little bit.


Next on the docket is to see if Rei can find a boyfriend. Only time will tell…

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