Chapter 8: Karina’s Death, The Girls Grow Up, and Takeo Nears His End

The girls both couple up and Rei pulls ahead in the heir race.

Saturday and Sunday brought me lots of free time and lots of time to play my legacy! There’s a bunch to cover so I hope I can do their stories justice.



Karina died a day or so later than I expected and the family went into mourning again.


I made a little cemetery by the edge of their lot to butt up against the nice landscaping of the neighborhood. Meilin was put near her parents, Jung and Misaki, and Karina next to them as well with a spot nearby for Takeo when his time comes.


There was likely something that happened between Karina’s death and the girls starting their relationships but I can’t think of it right now. Probably not too important.

OH, Takeo aged into an elder! (He’s since trimmed down.)


Rei decided at this time to start on her life aspiration of being a master botanist. She started a vegetable garden with carrots and tomatoes. Gardening takes a lot out of a sim! She had Takeo and Reina help her with the tedious parts but soon she had it all figured out.


Both girls decided to go on the prowl again and didn’t have to go far to each find their own eligible bachelor. Rei met a red headed and bearded Spencer Key. They chatted casually for a while before Rei realized that he had the mean trait. This should have been a warning for me but I decided that he was fit and good looking so I would see if they couldn’t make it work. Thankfully, Rei was able to calm him down and they continued as if nothing had happened. She seemed to have a calming affect on him and he quickly had the happy moodlet. She decided to go the “friends first” method and soon they were listed as good friends.


At exactly the same time, Reina met a pale but trim Dorian Seals. They took their relationship a little slower but became friends within the first day of meeting. For some reason, she found out his traits all at the same time and I took this as a good sign.


As both girls had near equal friendship level with Takeo I felt it best to work on both of their relationships at the same time. It was not as much as a challenge as I would have thought it to be. They sort of double dated at their home quite a bit and by the second day they were both in relationships with the men. To avoid losing the guys to the abyss, I moved them both into their own homes as well as the rest of the townies into shared homes. I would not have Rei lose another boyfriend and this method has worked pretty well.

Soon, both were engaged! Hooray! As traditional family values didn’t seem to stick this generation, both girls took to trying to start a family before their marriages. This next picture was the morning after the guys stayed over. Takeo doesn’t seem bothered, honestly.


At some point during all of this, Minako died (no one in the family was told or too upset about it, sadly). Both Naoko’s and Ami’s husbands had died and their daughters (Sierra and Greta) were now living with their mothers. Takeo also received his final warnings for his soon to be death so I took a look at the heir situation. Rei had pulled ahead in the race

Once Rei knew she was pregnant for sure (and that she would become the heir), she and Spencer decided to get married and he moved in. Spencer took a job in the Secret Agent career path and Rei decided to stay without a job (for now – she might need one later!)

Reina also realized that she was pregnant but held off on getting married until she had her baby. She planned on having another before moving out (as well as she and Dorian both finding jobs!)


With Spencer moving in, the family was gifted with some more money and I decided it was time for a remodel (photos here and here). I tried to save as many rooms as possible and just change their shape and location. I added a foyer and larger front porch. The foyer entered into the living room and to the left was a study. To the right was the kitchen and it moved into the dining room. The dining room and living room both had entrances to the hallway that led to the back deck where the workout equipment and bar were placed. Off of the hallway are the master bedroom with en-suite, two smaller bedrooms, and a bathroom for the rest of the house. New appliances were put all through the house where it could be afforded.

I mentioned Rei possibly needing a job – well, we haven’t seen the first set of bills from this renovation so only time will tell. Perhaps Reina and Dorian will need to stay for a while to help out with Takeo not contributing to the bills for much longer. I have a feeling that the bill situation is going to be a big problem in the coming days…

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