Chapter 5: Leaving the Nest

Takeo and Karina make the house their own as they greet their second daughter.

Takeo’s sisters continued on their quest for loves of their own. Naoko found love with Liam Rhodes, married, and soon had a daughter named Sierra.

09-12-14_8-23 PM

Ami met and married local Asa Arellano and had a daughter, Greta. Eldest, Minako, found love with a bartender but he skipped town after refusing her proposal. She now lives in a large house with a family of four siblings.

Now that the legacy home was cleared out, Takeo had the chance to make it his own and spread out.


Rei grew up into a child and the couple were gifted another daughter that they (stupidly) named Reina (I wasn’t thinking!!). Wishes were being granted all over the place and Takeo progressed well into his career (and also fitness-wise!)

09-13-14_12-56 AM

Once Reina grew into a child, the girls did their homework together and Rei actually earned a B in school! Everyone was happy that she broke free from the “C Curse”.


(Rei, Karina, and Reina)

So, happy news all around and much less drama.

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