Chapter 4: Crisis Averted!

Takeo adds a deck, Karina drinks a youth potion, and gen 3 is born.

Takeo and Karina’s life was a little shaky at the get go but once he realized they could make some needed updates to the house they perked up a bit. Takeo put his bar on the newly crafted deck and went to work on his aspirations to become the best mixologist he could be.

09-11-14_7-01 PMKarina was actually already at level 7 in mixology so Takeo secretly hoped she’d skill up more and become his mentor. They also bought a treadmill and Ami took to running on it twice a day (and started to notice a small difference!)
In the heir department, the couple had a string of good luck! Karina took a pregnancy test and found it was positive! Very much in love and happy, Takeo could breathe a little easier knowing he at least would have one heir. Towards the final months of her pregnancy, Takeo finally earned enough points to buy a youth potion and he willingly gave it to his lovely wife. Her youth (well, adult “youth”) was entirely restored (20 days) and she was thankful.

09-11-14_7-01 PM-2 09-11-14_7-02 PMThe twins, Ami and Naoko aged into young adults after school. During their birthday party their niece and the next heir, Rei, was born. Takeo, unphased, attempted to tend bar to complete a wish but came just one drink short of doing so. A wish for another party.

Now that they were all of age, the sisters went on the prowl. Minako pursued a man named Cole and Ami worked on things with another man but he started things off on the wrong foot and it doesn’t look like they’ll be continuing their relationship (she might try, though!)

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