Chapter 3: Takeo’s First (and Possibly Biggest) Challenge

Takeo meets Karina and finds out she’s not who he thought she was…

You can’t always choose who you love. Takeo met Karina North, a lovely woman, while strolling around the neighborhood. They became fast friends and he learned her traits right away (foodie, outgoing, goofball). She seemed like the real deal so he started putting on the moves. One might call it a little hasty but they fell in love and quickly eloped.

09-11-14_6-54 AM 09-11-14_6-57 AMOnce she moved in with all of her baggage (and another 20K!), he found out that she was definitely not the woman he thought he knew…

In what would become the lesser of their problems, Takeo discovered that Karina had the ambition of becoming public enemy #1. To be fair, she hadn’t pursued those goals but she might have to if she wants to add some more days on to her life. She really has no choice because she was a mere two days from growing into an elder when she moved in. Disaster.

After an inaugural woohoo, Takeo spent the morning researching youth potions and is now desperately searching for the funds to afford one. He’s pretty far from his goal. Looks like the couple will be busy when I get home from work…

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