Chapter 2: The First Heir

Misaki dies and Takeo takes over.

Following the death of eldest sister, Meilin, the rest of the family continued with their lives. Not much progress was made. Takeo aged into a young adult and started a job as a dishwasher. Minako also got a raise in the entertainment path (finally) and leveled up her life aspiration (finally). We were informed that Misaki didn’t have long left on this earth so plans were made to check on the living will with Takeo in the lead. The evening before her death the family spent a lot of time talking before all heading to bed. The next morning she died of old age and Takeo took over as the heir to the Ikeda legacy. He grew up to have the Master Mixologist aspiration with his traits rolled as glutton, bookworm, and slob.

None of the children ever made friends with other children or teens when they were younger so Takeo had to start from scratch to find a spouse. His quest so far has been a challenge. He met two ladies outside of his house but both made him quite mad (one of them was evil). I wonder if it’s actually his fault. Minako is still looking for her own spouse before she moves out and if she takes long enough she may just bring the twins with her. Preferably, I’d like them all to be paired up but that may not happen. It’s hard to manage this many people at once for some reason. Also, no one has broken out of the C average curse. Perhaps the next generation will be able to afford nice things and have an easier time with their grades. I also think round two will have decidedly less children to make it easier to keep money around…

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