The Xilla Project: Four Things

Case Study Log of Infant 87 [I87] #C87
“Caregiver”: Liliana Ikeda
(Entry by Xilla)

I have lots of things to talk about today because SO MANY things have happened since you last heard from me.

12-07-17_10-36-06 PM


One, Kedi is no longer a kitten. She’s such a good girl. We play all the time and just sit together, too.

12-07-17_10-34-43 PM


Lili told me she is a Tonkinese breed. They’re pretty noisy but she doesn’t wake me up so it’s OK.

01-15-18_5-57-49 PM.png



Two, I am no longer ten (I’m twelve).

12-07-17_10-37-20 PM


I’ve grown an inch or so since I turned ten. The doctors at the agency told us that I might suddenly gain HUGE height in a few years. They also said it might hurt me a little. I’m not sure how I feel about that, honestly… At least I’ll almost be as tall as Lili!

12-07-17_10-36-03 PM



Three, I am now going to school in the city! The other kids in the neighborhood and I all take the bus. We have to wear our disguises but it’s fun to be with human kids. There’s this one boy, Iggy, and he hangs out with the rest of us. I sometimes wonder if he’s not a human kid because he’s weird like us but Lili said I would probably know if he wasn’t.

When I’m away from home Kedi sits by the window (Lili has told me this).

12-07-17_10-30-17 PM


Lili says she isn’t sad but that she’s just protecting the house. I’m grateful someone is home to protect Lili.

12-07-17_10-30-29 PM


Kedi helps me with my homework in the evenings. She doesn’t say much but her presence helps me concentrate.

12-07-17_10-58-08 PM


She even lets me vent to her when things are challenging.

12-07-17_10-58-36 PM



Four, Lili has a boyfriend! No, it’s not Mr. Alec like I thought would happen!!!

Lili sat down with me one night and we talked a bit about him; I’ve already learned a lot.

12-07-17_10-55-43 PM


His name is Raj and he’s a chef.

12-07-17_10-40-58 PM


He’s cousins with Damon (Solam’s caregiver) and was visiting after work. Lili was outside gardening and he walked by and said he had admired her flowers since the last time he was in the neighborhood.

12-07-17_10-24-08 PM


She said they just started talking and that was that!

12-07-17_10-24-19 PM


Lili says she actually met his mother once at Solam’s birthday party at Damon’s house. She said she was a nice lady but she died a few years ago. Uhhhhh, he’s a bit older than Lili, ummm… That’s it, I guess. She said he’s very sweet. Lili sounds like she likes him a lot.

She lets me stay by myself when she’s gone on dates so that’s really cool! I’ve peeked outside when he’s dropped her off but only for a second. I don’t wanna watch them kiss or anything – GROSS!

12-07-17_10-50-54 PM


12-07-17_10-50-43 PM


I haven’t met him yet but I bet I will soon. I think she wanted to wait until she knew she really liked him. I guess I’m OK with it.

12-07-17_11-02-43 PM



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(Edit) AN: I had this blurb on the next chapter but I realized I should have moved it here! (I’ll put it on the next one, too!)

I wanted to give credit where credit is due! Thymeless’s Pandora had HORRIBLE growing pains before she aged into a teenager and then a big painful shock when she suddenly grew. I read her aging up chapter a while back and realized catching up this week that I was somewhat using her lore about the ET aging process. So, she’s the one that started it, I believe! 🙂


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