The Xilla Project: Abduction

Note: I suppose this technically could benefit from a trigger warning… Lili was abducted and she was not happy about it. This is more her reaction from the whole experience and it might be similar to how someone would feel after being sexually assaulted. So, that’s my warning of sorts. I’d rather be overcautious than have someone feel bad after reading this. ❤

Case Study Log of Infant 87 [I87] #C87
Caregiver: Liliana Ikeda

I’m feeling… strange.

This evening I had a very strong urge to paint. Normally I try to get at least one painting done a week (I have to make money somehow!) but I was moving and thinking so quickly that I surprised myself with how fast I completed it.



Just as I put the last stroke on the canvas I heard something outside like a strange humming noise. I went out to look and found it was coming from above our house!

12-07-17_10-05-22 PM


12-07-17_10-05-23 PM


12-07-17_10-05-24 PM


I felt like I couldn’t move…

12-07-17_10-06-49 PM


I didn’t have any words…

12-07-17_10-11-53 PM


When I got home hours later I felt angry. Why didn’t they ask if I’d like to come with them instead of just taking me like they did? I went straight to bed.

12-07-17_10-13-05 PM


It wasn’t until the next day I realized what I had painted. It looked like the space ship. I had cooled down considerably by then and decided to keep the painting. I put it into a frame and hung it by the computer.

12-07-17_10-17-07 PM


After Xilla left for school I went onto the forums to see if anyone had a similar experience. There were tons of threads.

12-07-17_10-28-50 PM


Some folks were more accepting of it than others; it was uplifting or enlightening. Others felt more like I did and felt violated. There were even reports of people finding themselves pregnant after an encounter like that. Men and women.

That worried me so I called Xi’s doctor right away. She said I would know by the evening since extra-T pregnancies are extremely rapid.

I was on edge until nightfall. When nothing seemed like it was off in my body I walked to the drugstore and bought a pregnancy test just to be extra sure. It was negative.

I was so relieved that I crawled into bed and cried.

Xilla didn’t acknowledge if she knew something was wrong with me; she worked on a project after school and then went outside to play. Perhaps she did know and was just giving me space. Either way I was grateful.

12-07-17_10-19-02 PM



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  1. Oooh, spooky that the painting looked like a spaceship! Also you did well with depicting the negative reactions to the abductions (which is good, since I find the Sims alien abductions very creepy and I liked that it was addressed). I feel like I could have read even more about Liliana’s reactions and feelings afterwards.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, my. When I think of it, the abductions in TS are really very creepy. There is a fair chance that a sim will be abducted at least once in their lifetime, as I’ve noticed. I wonder if they are scared of it the same way I fear crossing busy streets or going out after dark.

    Liked by 1 person

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