Build Newcrest: Chapter 3.21 (Clip Show)

A “clip show” of sorts of all the screenshots I couldn’t fit into my chapter listings, ha!

I took too many screenshots to round out Gen 12 so you’re going to get a classic blog-style round up of all the leftovers!

Let’s start easy – a breakfast montage! I had a whole idea where I had each character talk about starting their days while they ate breakfast. Obviously that didn’t happen. I think I was just looking for inspiration.



Next was little Eri. Poor kid’s not getting attention. That’s what you get for being unplanned!



Next I’ve got a few of the twins and, you guessed it, more morning routine. I was also going to set it up that Kyoko can sometimes be mean since her teen trait is set to be mean. She was really being hard on Maeko!



Kyoko met this random kid and I thought perhaps I could use it for future relationship fodder. There’s still time for that, of course…



Here’s our buff Roka montage. Seriously, I only wanted him to work on his athletic skill a little but suddenly the guns came out!



Before the last chapter I had Roka pursuing Bailee for a really long time. She repeatedly refused his advances. Here they are on a date but she wouldn’t take the bait…



OH, the family also got a dog!!! His name is Bear and I think I got him as an adoption? I might have changed his appearance a little bit. He loves the stereo and hates the dishwasher.



Lastly, here are shots of Roka and Bear going for a nice long run.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


That’s all I’ve got for now! Next time we’ll actually hear from the new heir!


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