Build Newcrest: Chapter 3.20

I swear, Roka is going to make us go gray (well, Tyler’s already there). Let me back up a bit and explain what I mean…

We’ve been so tired with the library opening that we all decided to turn in early last night. It was Saturday so I knew we could sleep in if we needed to. Roka had his cousins over and they had been hanging out and bowling, I think.

11-02-17_5-56-16 PM

(There’s a sneaky teenage Lili on the right!)

They’re all good kids so I figured they’d leave when they needed to and my kid would go to bed.

11-02-17_5-58-46 PM.png


Not Roka. He didn’t mention it but he invited over a girl named Bailee Bjergson. I think her family is from Windenburg, maybe? They know each other from school and Roka had been trying to woo her. I know this because the girls have been keeping me in the loop with his failures.

I thought he had given up but I guess I was wrong.

I should have known something was up. He took up rock climbing and strength training a while ago… With all the muscle he’s gained I feel like he could compete in Mr. Sim City.

12-03-17_11-09-55 PM


Last night he must have snuck that girl into the house…


11-13-17_8-48-02 PM


This morning I heard Maeko come down from her room so I decided to sit with her while she did her homework. No sooner than I sat down and that Bailee girl walked into the kitchen in her underwear and then turned immediately because she saw me.

11-13-17_8-56-33 PM


I am SO glad I was sitting there and not Maeko. I was furious.

11-13-17_8-57-30 PM


I decided to play it cool for the meantime but I could hear commotion upstairs, two sets of hurried footsteps on the steps, and then the front door opening and closing.

“Who was that?” Maeko asked me, turning slightly to try and catch a peek.

“Just your brother.”

Once I knew Roka was alone I pounced.

11-13-17_8-59-54 PM


11-13-17_9-00-03 PM


I didn’t say much but, boy, did he get the glare of his life.

11-13-17_9-00-42 PM


I decided that perhaps Tyler would be better suited to talk to Roka…

11-13-17_9-04-14 PM


I left them to have their “chat”…

11-13-17_9-17-06 PM


11-13-17_9-16-52 PM


11-13-17_9-17-16 PM


11-13-17_9-16-58 PM


I’m not sure what we’re going to do with that boy…

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AN: And that’s the last bit of generation 12 I had figured out! WELL, “figured out” – Bailee was an idiot and walked into the kitchen. I tried to get Roka to call her back but you know how sims are once they have a destination: MUST COMPLETE ROUTE!

All but one of these pictures was from my laptop; one mystery photo was from my new computer! (It’s a beautiful computer, by the way.) I’m wondering if you can tell which photo was in ultra mode? (You’re all smart so I’m thinking yes!)

You may have seen on twitter that we’re going a different route than I had planned. If you didn’t you’ll just have to wait and see!



  1. Cute chapter. I haven’t been following this story but I thought I’d check it out since we’d talked about it when you were playing them. Completing routes is most important to sims. And tasks. Which leaves me doing a lot of resetting to stop them. LOL

    Liked by 1 person

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