Legacy Collab: Teen Trouble

The next couple of days were blaaaah. Chester appeared for the first time the night after he died and he caused some trouble. No broken appliances but he did irritate the crap out of everyone.

08-02-17_9-08-48 PM


With Chester bothering everyone, Eli decided that now was as good of a time as ever to celebrate the triplets’ birthday.

08-02-17_9-08-09 PM


She baked an awful cake and had the kids step up in order of appearance.

08-02-17_9-12-43 PM




They each have their charms. Andrew still looks good!

The girls decided to take a commemorative photo but their dad had other ideas. Thanks, dad!

08-02-17_9-44-40 PM


Aw, the girls have really grown on me. They’re BFFs, too!


It was late so they went to bed. Thankfully they didn’t have school the next day so they all slept until they were rested then leisurely woke up and ate.

Lucie carried that little bear around for a while for some reason but it went away when I asked her to clean up. She’s not even childish!


Oh, that reminds me that I never told you their traits!

Damien: geek and bro
Andrew: gloomy and vegetarian
Rosie: hotheaded and childish
Lucie: insider and dance machine

They’re all cute together. They seem to have so much personality!

08-05-17_3-56-53 PM


Anyway, enough about them. Let’s get back to poor Eli.

She’s been living in a blah way since Chester died. She’s not mourning anymore and working hard. She got a promotion!

eli promotion


On the forums I was asked if Eli would find another guy. I said no then maybe. Eli is bored so maybe it is!

08-05-17_6-22-11 PM


The first guy I saw was this fella.

08-05-17_6-24-05 PM


His name is Moose. I downloaded him ages ago when I submitted Masa to the Amazon Bachelorette game. Moose was blonde when I spotted him and gray by the time Eli reached him. Darn, another elder! Oh well, he was so adorable that I figured we’d give it a go.

He wasn’t attached to anyone so that was a plus!

single moose


They became fast friends. He’s very emotional during movies. Eli just looks at him like he’s crazy.

08-05-17_6-27-35 PM


They haven’t gotten any further than flirting so we’ll have to see how this develops as time progresses.

Anyway, as you know we’re playing short so it’s already time for these kids to age up!

08-05-17_3-54-34 PM


Bummer, I know! Maybe I should up the teenage length and take away some YA time. They were all teenagers before Eli was even an adult! She did start early but that was RIDICULOUS!

Damien did age up but only a few days before. He got a job as a business guy (mailroom, probably?) and was still in a phase that dissipated before he started, thank goodness.

His siblings each entered their own unique phase at the same time, too.


Hormones. Blech.

08-05-17_6-31-43 PM


Next on the agenda is the HEIR VOTE!!!! I hope it’ll go quickly so I don’t have to stay away for too long. I can always keep everyone in the house and keep playing but eventually we’ll have to grab some more space and ship out those spares.

In the meantime I have to find some eligible men, uh oh…


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