Legacy Collab: Finally Kids

This is a big update so tuck in!

Thank goodness the triplets are no longer toddlers. Toddlers for any amount of time is too long.

We hopped into CAS and did a few makeovers…


With her children able to take care of themselves Eli found time to paint again.

08-01-17_9-38-11 PM


I switched Damien’s hair back to his original blonde. If I wasn’t going to change Lucie I wouldn’t change Damien. Stick to what you’re given!

08-01-17_10-17-03 PM


Honestly, look how cute Andrew is!


I also changed Chester’s hair to salt and pepper, heavy on the pepper. He’s got a young wife and children so he doesn’t deserve to be silver haired yet.



And of course he’s young enough for a dance party!!!


dance party


Eli had a whim to volunteer with the family so I sent them out. I thought it would be a good chance to raise Eli and Chester’s friendship from their failed woohoos, lol.

By the way, found out WHY! I went searching for answers and found them right away (No, that’s not me). I’ll be turning off the woohoo skill, lol.

woohoo explanation


Anyway, Andrew had a pop up during the volunteer event (walk for charity). I missed the first one but it turned out to be in his favor.

andrew did good


Everyone’s friendship raised – yay! It was just in time, too, since I got this pop up…

chester last days



I suddenly had enough money (don’t know remember why) to add on to the house again so we gave them a hallway to connect their rooms. Trailer park livin!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


How pleasant! Now everyone could sit on something besides their beds while eating or reading. Lovely.

08-02-17_6-51-53 PM


I sent the kids to bed and Chester went to work (dishwashers have late hours, you know). While he was gone his second warning popped up. Aaaaaack!

chester last days again


I didn’t want him to miss Damien’s birthday so Eli sadly made a cake. It’s like she knows.

08-02-17_6-58-04 PM


I thought for sure that Chester was going to come home early and die right there. I’ve had that happen. I’ve also had them wait until they were home and then suddenly die. He made it through his shift, thankfully AND he got a promotion!

chester promotion caterer


He was tired. OH GEEZ. PLEASE not now!!!

08-02-17_7-00-26 PM


Nope, that wasn’t it. THANK GOODNESS.

I woke the kids up and everyone came in to sing to Damien for the first birthday we’ll be celebrating properly.

08-02-17_7-01-38 PM


Tada! Ah, he’s so grumpy. It’s probably from his parents’ singing. Yikes.

08-02-17_7-03-07 PM


I didn’t change Damien’s outfit much but I did get a nice clean shot in CAS.

08-02-17_9-25-07 PM


Right after that I figured I would press my luck and had the family volunteer again. This time they went to a soup kitchen in the middle of the night. Rosie got the special pop up this time and I got both options.


They all went straight to bed when they got home and Chester tucked his triplets into bed. (Awwwwww.)


Damien was now too old to be tucked in so I had him queue up a loving hug with his now teenage son.

08-02-17_7-11-56 PM.png


Little did I realize that the recent phase Damien entered would have such an impact on… things.




Chester, thankfully, put his son in his place, the little turd.

08-02-17_7-13-48 PM


Eli came over to check on things and scolded him. He was being very disrespectful.

08-02-17_7-14-29 PM


Then his dad came up behind him and changed his tune. Chester is a forgiving dad and wasn’t angry. (I will miss you!)


After that Damien shouted forbidden words at Eli. She was shocked!

08-02-17_7-16-11 PM


Then she scolded him severely. This was all automated, of course.

08-02-17_7-16-31 PM


Everyone was pretty tired by this point so they all went to bed. It may have been morning; I don’t remember. However, Chester was still awake so I had him invite his older daughters over just in case today was The Day.

I was right to do this…

chester death


Sighing, I woke everyone up and sent them outside where Chester was heading (you know, the random spot outside on the other side of the wall where the sim was just standing? Yah, that place. Is this just a me thing?)

Grimmy appeared in a puff of black smoke, as he does, and waited for Chester to keel over.


Everyone gathered with tears.


Once things were settled a bit, Grimmy came inside to chat with Damien. They didn’t have much to say to each other and that was OK.

08-02-17_7-25-24 PM


Grimmy decided to go read a book. Or, play with a book. Good guy, Grimmy.

08-02-17_7-25-55 PM


Later, after the Chauhan girls left one of the kids got a text from their half sister.

same dad why


Um, yah, you were with us when it happened. Condolences to you also?

A little bit later, Chester called (texted?) Damien from the beyond.

thanks but no thanks, dad


Thanks but no thanks, Daddo. They were not so much in the mood. Since his death Chester has been calling/texting the household every hour or so. Getting a little annoying, bud.

A couple more things to share before we end this super long update. With everything going on I missed Eli’s adult birthday. Ugh! Oh well, she isn’t mad.

08-02-17_8-30-51 PM


…OK, maybe a little mad. That or she’s just done with these children. Honestly.

08-02-17_8-32-46 PM


At least Chester is thinking of her.

thanks hun


We’ll end on this awesome shot. Damien decided to do his homework by his dad. Awwwwww.

08-02-17_8-41-53 PM



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  1. Glad you figured out that it’s the woohoo skill! That’s so weird, I guess they had really bad woohoo? LOL The kids makeovers all looked good. So sad that Chester wasn’t with them longer. I agree that the phoning/texting from the beyond is really annoying. I love that last pic!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I shed a tear for Chester….ahh….but did love the last screenie of his son doing homework with/near his gravesite. And yeah, no more toddlers! And now Eli is an adult…what will the future hold for this family? Great chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That screenie was A+! I am hoping that things go well for them. It takes a long time for this family to make money so I’m hoping it’ll stay interesting because of that particular challenge.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Awww, too bad Andrew can’t be the heir. He’s so cute as a child!
    I’ve never had a teen fight with their parent like that–I’m glad Elise told Damien what’s what.
    One of my teens did give an elderly but flirty nanny a smackdown, however, and his parents couldn’t discipline him for that. I guess they decided the cougar nanny deserved it, lol.

    That last shot, though!


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