Build Newcrest: Chapter 3.5

Hi, my name is Seiji and I’m the quiet brother. Sometimes I think everyone forgets about me. I’m not upset about this because they’re all just really out there, you know?


For instance, Ichiro can be quiet like me and go sit by himself with a book but he also enjoys telling tales and making the rest of us laugh. He’s also got his girlfriend, Charlene, so he’s confident that way, too. He doesn’t really have any hobbies besides reading, fixing things, and playing chess. I guess that’s cool.


Kazue is like Ichiro in that she’s by herself a lot. She does a lot of writing so I think she should get her own computer because she’s always hogging the family one. Maybe when we’ve got more dough she’ll be able to get one. It was a stretch for us to go ahead with the house remodel, you know.

We’re in the midst of it right now so until you see the whole picture here’s a glimpse of where a bathroom used to be and the stairs leading to the top floor.

K on the computer as usual.

Next is Miyako, my twin sister, and she’s nuts. She’s outgoing and perky and sometimes really bugs me. We’re super close, though (I mean, we’re all close) so if I need to I can shut out the perkiness when she’s really getting on my nerves. She’s surprisingly good at playing guitar, too.

Here’s her new bedroom (about three times the size of her old room). We’re still working on furnishing everything but she’s happy to have two more windows than she did before.


And then, as you know, soon we’ll have a little brother or sister running around. Mom and dad want to be surprised (because they like to torture themselves) so we’re all crossing our fingers that they don’t have another set of twins. Maybe by the time the kid is in school I’ll have moved out (probably not).

With all four of us older now my parents had started stepping back and started doing their own thing again (before Mom got pregnant, of course). I imagine they were a lot more like they used to be as teenagers (also how Mom probably got pregnant to begin with…).


Mom still cooks for us and Dad still goes to work almost every day but there’s a lot less scheduled family time. Like I said, it’ll probably change again once the kid is born.

But yeah, ME. I have a life, too, I just keep it to myself.


I know that Kazue knows I’ve had several girlfriends… sort of… That was last year. I’ve changed my mind about what kind of person I want to be and now have zero girlfriends: I broke it off with all three of them.

Two of them were really mad at me and I don’t think they’ll stop being mad for a long time. As far as dating goes I think I’ll wait a bit more until I find the right person for me.

(AN: right…)

In the mean time I’ve started trolling people online; it’s a great pastime. Don’t worry, it’s mostly just sh*t fun-posts on different forums. (I’m not a bully, I promise!)


Oh yeah, so the whole point of me taking over today was to give an update on our final week of play rehearsals. I didn’t think that Mi would give a true representation of how things actually go about (she tends to focus on herself more than others…)


Things have come together just fine… We’re all in high school, you know, so it’s not like it’s national theatre or anything. Lots of flat performances, awkward posing, you know.

Backstage, Mi and Jensen have started sort of… you know, flirting a lot. Either they’re really in character or something’s going on with those two. I think I saw them sucking face near the dressing rooms. I mean, you do you, Mi…


This whole play is a nightmare. I only auditioned because our PE teacher told us that they needed more guys. It would have been more fun if they had done a funny Shakespeare play like Twelfth Night or something. But Romeo and Juliet? Ugh, so stupid. The characters are all idiots.

Anyway, enough whining from me. It’ll end up just fine. K’s costumes look great, too.


Hope I get to talk to you again some time. If not, oh well.


      1. I can’t remember when I did it but he no longer has the serial romancer aspiration! He truly did leave his past behind… AND he managed to escape without any teen pregnancies! X_X I think I had it enabled and that’s scary!!!!

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