Orchid Starter

Orchid Starter is a one bedroom, one bath starter home inspired by Japan. It was built for Pronterus’s Starter Showoff Challenge

Challenge & Rules:

Lillian Fritzer has always had wanderlust. After backpacking around the world, she has decided to settle down in one place, but she wants a home that can remind her of one of the places she’s been to. She has given you a list of her most favorite places around the world, and her house should look like it came from that place. She only has 18,500 simoleons for the house since she spent most of her money traveling. Lillian requires at least one computer so that she can archive her adventures around the globe.
You are tasked to create a starter that is based off one of these places chosen by Lillian:
>The Philippines
>South Africa
Challenge Specific Rules:
>Lot size: 20×15
>Expansion packs allowed: Get to Work, Get Together
>Budget: 18,500
>Deadline: July 6, 2016 (12:00 GMT+8)
>Please include the name of the country you chose
>Please upload with hashtag: #startershowoff01

My entry on the forums:

Forum Name: Meggles
Origin ID: meggles87
Cost: $18,499 (phew!)
Name of Build: Orchid Starter
Gallery Link: Found here :)

Features include:

  • Pond with lilies
  • Wrap-around covered platform deck
  • Back door leading to open air deck
  • Several plants out front (including a spliced pear/snapdragon/chrysanthemum, strawberry bush, and rose/other flower I can’t remember)
  • One bathroom with a tub, toilet, sink, and mirror
  • One bedroom with a full size bed, nightstand, and dresser
  • Reading nook with lamp and radio
  • Computer nook and bookshelf
  • Kitchen (stove, fridge, sink, one counter space) with dining area and two chairs

There’s a pond!

That deck would have been the perfect place for a yoga mat…

Note the camera and orchids on the table there…

Postcards from her travels and friends (AYA SIGHTING!!!)

Computer for blogging and a shelf stocked full of travel books

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