Build Newcrest: Chapter 3.4


Kazue, back again. The mood around the house has changed since we learned we were suddenly living with a real live diva thespian



It appears that homework is too much for her. Why should she waste time on homework when she could be practicing her craft?



Ichiro, on the other hand, has been a lot more confident lately. It seems getting that part really boosted his ego. He’s always full of funny quips or jokes.



What? I don’t think I sound bitter… It just feels… unfair that Mi received such an opportunity when I’m… more qualified.



I MEAN, I’ve studied Shakespeare! I know all the little nuances! She… just… doesn’t!



Ugh. I know what my mom would say, “Jealousy doesn’t suit you, K…”



In other news, tonight Mom and dad wanted to celebrate all of our involvement with the play so we decided to head to Magnolia Promenade to try out a restaurant we’ve been eyeing for a long time.

It’s called Little Corsican Bistro and it’s been around the area for years.



Dad managed to pull some strings and got us away from all the noise in a different room so that was nice.



While Mom and Dad made googly eyes at each other the rest of us decided to compete for best drawing (we’re all twins, what else would we do?). Obviously I feel mine is the best but there were varying opinions.



The drink special tonight was sparkling apple juice so Mi, Mom, and I all got that. Dad had wine but my brothers both had mixed drinks (non-juiced, of course). Our food was pretty good, no one seemed unhappy about it at least!



I was a bit of a sad-sack all evening. I know I need to get over the play but I’m finding it hard right now. I guess I’ll just throw myself into these costumes and hope I get some recognition for my hard work in the end…


Turns out there was another reason Mom and Dad wanted to take us all out…


Mom was pregnant.


I just KNEW this would happen. Didn’t I predict it? I really hope this doesn’t mean my other prediction comes true… If my dork brother gets Charlene pregnant… Ugh. He’s so close to graduating high school; just wait a little longer, PLEASE!

The following Monday we all left for school, dad left for work, and mom stayed home and worked on the finances. She painted a little (she’s never done that before) and went through our collectibles. She ended up selling a bunch of produce, leftover parts, and doubles of things we had in our family chest. She also went around the neighborhood and collected everything she could see. She also started breeding frogs. All this REALLY helped out, she said.

To make myself useful I finally decided to publish all the things I had written through high school. I don’t know if they’ll amount to anything but we’ll know by the time the baby’s born.

Why all the trouble? Well, they’re actually going to build on another freaking floor to our house. I can’t believe it. It’s going to cost SO MUCH.

Goodbye two-story house.


The next year is going to be something all right…


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