Build Newcrest: Chapter 3.2

Kazue, at your service. I’ve been doing a lot more writing lately. I have to know what I’m doing for when I (hopefully) become heir. The next challenge is to build a library and fill it with books. Of course you have to stock books from other people but I think they need a section full of Ikedas, don’t you?


The first two books I wrote are based on the mystical stories about Aunt Aya. It’s a retelling of one my Great Great Aunt Chiyo told when she was a kid (or something like that). I plan to have the art styles look cute and all that when they’re published, of course.



Our cousin, Annabeth, had her teenage birthday and she’s really cool. Little Lindsay, Angie’s daughter, just aged up the other night, too. She hasn’t stopped by yet but I’ll let you know when she does.


Miyako has gotten a lot better at guitar lately. Even though she’s supposed to be practicing her writing (!) she’s been playing guitar instead. It’s been paying off, at least.


She’s also been trying to impress this boy, what’s-his-name. I know his last name is Lorenz and he’s pretty nice to her. I hope things work out with him.


As for me I haven’t bothered trying to find a significant other. It’ll happen when it happens. There’s no rush for me. My brothers are another story…

– – – – – –

For a Hufflepuff, Ichiro has been really strutting around the house lately.


Turns out he starting dating someone! Her name is Charlene and she’s a third generation of this place like we are. (AN: I talked about her on twitter A LOT…) 


She’s really sweet and they’re good for each other. She’s a geek, too, so I appreciate that! (She’s also insane but we know that’s not a big deal.)


I’ve also been doing a lot of meditating and yoga. I feel like time has really slowed down (AN: that may be because I’ve broken the rules and stopped aging…) and I have the chance to really improve myself. My grades have been really low for some reason (all of us but Ichiro have Cs!) and I want to get better.


In other news, my younger brother, Seiji, has been acting really weird lately. He planted some sort of new plant along the side of the house.


He’s also been out on a lot of dates with several different girls. I don’t like to spy on them but I know they sit out on the front porch and talk…


…and other stuff…




Ichiro told me he likes the new plant, too. He said it’s a nice addition to the house. Adds a lot of curb appeal.



Oh, one more thing. Miyako came home from an outing wearing a swimsuit one evening all excited. She told us that she is now the leader of the Paragons. She invited a couple of her friends and made things a little nicer and she’s really proud of herself. Good for her (even though she didn’t invite me…)

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– – – – – – – – –

Author’s Note: Did you know that if you’re outside and someone dies nearby your sim will go see what’s happening? WELL, it happened to me! Thankfully the kids still went to school (not their cousin, Annabeth, though!)


  1. Oh gosh, all these personalities coming out! I like Kazue’s perspective – she’s so grounded and focused on her writing! Is Seiji’s aspiration Serial Romantic? xD

    And I totally share my love of Charlene with you! Ichiro’s a lucky guy. She’s so pretty!

    Ah, popular, musical Miyako. Love her!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Seiji’s aspiration IS serial romantic! I really don’t like that one but MCC makes it super easy to accomplish (and since he’s a spare I don’t mind cheating a bit/I NEVER mind cheating! XD ).

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m trying to think up ideas to add more spice (I like that word! XD)

          And I sort of wish their house was a little bigger because I suddenly had an idea yesterday! It’ll have to wait until the next generation is born but I’m keeping it in my pocket… /VaguePost

          Liked by 1 person

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