Suzu Clan: Chapter 1.19

After much consideration and discussion with her sisters, Suzu decided to meet with a matchmaker. She reached out and made contact with a young woman named Cassandra who agreed to help Rigel find a suitable match.

When the day arrived, Suzu and Rigel came upon a beautiful villa. Lady Cassandra met them near the entrance.

“Welcome, Lady Suzu. It is an honor to meet you.”

“And you, Lady Cassandra. I would like to introduce my son, Rigel.”

Rigel bowed low and Cassandra nodded in acknowledgement. Turning Suzu away from Rigel, Cassandra leaned over to speak softly to her.

“I have been thinking about your situation and how… unusual it is for this community.” Cassandra paused a moment then continued, “However, I respect your principles and want to help. The other sisters in the village seems to respect your wishes as well. I only hope they continue to as the years pass.”

Suzu bowed low.

“Thank you. That is my concern as well. It will be up to my daughter and her sisters to stay strong and keep the village peaceful when I am gone.”


The two women turned back to Rigel and Cassandra observed him. Rigel stood awkwardly, looking at his feet. In his formal dress he felt exposed and on display. Lady Cassandra and his mother staring at him made him feel even worse. They ignored his discomfort (although Suzu acknowledged it internally, feeling a slight tinge of guilt).

“He looks strong. You mentioned he is quite charming, too?”

“Yes, he is quite popular with visitors to our compound. Let me show you a list of the ladies I have in mind.” Suzu pulled out a thick pad of paper with a number of names, ages, and clans.


Cassandra looked down the list and nodded in agreement.

“I know all of these girls, of course. I will arrange a time for Rigel to meet with them as a group and observe. When the day is complete we will discuss Rigel’s thoughts and see if we need to have another meeting.”

03-19-16_4-55-10 PM


She continued, “Of course, this will not be dependent solely on Rigel’s feelings. The ladies will have to agree to join your clan. If he is unable to make a choice we will see about bringing in two ladies to the clan. They will have to understand what is at stake and I only hope it won’t make things uncomfortable for him…”

Suzu nodded in agreement.

“That seems fair. I will discuss with Rigel and suggest he try to make a connection at the first meeting so we can avoid trouble.”

The two women bowed to each other and Suzu and Rigel departed. Soon they would bring in another sister to the clan and, with luck, everything would be in place for Rigel’s future…

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      1. Ah no worries! Take your time reading and enjoy playing and writing! No pressure whatsoever. ❤ 🙂 I hope you'll like the Goths when you read about them! I can't stop writing them at the moment. 🙂

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      1. I read through the comments and I couldn’t believe no one else mentioned his thighs! Unless I missed it? I was like “Damn, bro…like father like son! Wait! THOSE ARE SUZU’S THIGHS!”

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