Build Newcrest: Chapter 2.11

August back at the reins again.

We had an interesting season. We picked up some new plants from the community garden and planted them for a neighborhood competition.

04 17 16 2 15 38  PM


Mom has a super green thumb so she went to work on tending those plants. Amira doesn’t have a job so she started learning to garden as well (and she’s a natural).

grow fruit


Life has been pretty normal for us here. Things around the house are starting to break down so I’ve been repairing a lot more. That’s what happens with age, I guess.



Speaking of age, it finally came time for Ichiro and Kazue’s birthdays.

04 20 16 9 43 53  PM


Ichiro is pretty handsome, I can’t deny it. Amira’s and my genes are a great match, apparently. He gained the materialistic trait so hopefully he won’t beg for a swanky phone or something…

04 20 16 9 44 30  PM


Kazue was next…

04 20 16 9 47 59  PM


She’s pretty adorable, too. She looks like a variation of Amira which is nice, obviously. She gained the lazy trait.

04 20 16 9 48 29  PM


Mom had really been trucking along. I knew she was getting on in age and I wondered if any day could be her last. I worried it would be while I was at work or the kids at school…

04 20 16 10 53 05  PM


Turns out I wouldn’t have to worry about that because it happened around dinner time one night. Grimmy just appeared in front of the fridge while mom was making some food.

04 20 16 11 09 14  PM


She didn’t even stop to acknowledge him. It was like, “Dude, I’m in the middle of something, can’t you see that?”

04 20 16 11 09 31  PM


But then she put down her plate and that was it.

04 20 16 11 10 28  PM


We were all upset, obviously. I knew that now I was actually the head of the family. I don’t think I’m ready, honestly.

04 20 16 11 11 36  PM


There isn’t much left for me to do. I just have to wait for my kids to have kids. Then our obligation to this generation will be done and one of the next group can take over.

I know mom has her own ideas…

04 20 16 11 17 02  PM


PS: We didn’t finish the dumb community challenge… Now we have all this fruit and nothing to show for it. Yikes.

– – – – – – – – –

AN: After months of having these pics in the drafts I’m out of material and my entries will (hopefully) be more interesting again.

Anyway, here’s a walk by we had where I was just like “WHOA!”

I posted him on twitter when I found him but this handsome fella is Coty Caliente – Not too bad looking! (He’s taken, darn…)

04-20-16_5-57-39 PM
Moving forward I think I’ll switch the POV to the “twinses”. 😉 After Thursday I’ll have a bit more time to play. I’m attempting a 30 day (condensed into 15) art challenge and it’s done Thursday. I’m behind and will continue to be behind until the day of, ha.

Anyway, hope you enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I know I should be sad about Grim coming…but all I can think of is: Argh all these good-looking Sims! 😀

    Also, congratulations on keeping up with the 30 Day art challenge! Well done! You have to share your art with us in the Lounge. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

            1. If you ever get the itch try sketching with charcoal! It’s super forgiving (that’s what I used). It’s great for gesture drawings and getting the feel for lines and stuff. I’ve gotten better since starting to practice.

              Liked by 1 person

      1. Just saw two of the drawings on mobile (couldn’t scroll further after that without getting registered/the app). I love them! The Chaaaaps look delicious! And Connie looks amazing. ❤

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh that’s just the way those extra samples work. When you want to look more you can just click on the ones that are bolded on the page I sent. Tumblr is weird, lol.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. AND I’m still mostly drawing from reference so those are almost all screenshots. There’s a couple I’ve only used a little bit for reference but otherwise I’m not well versed enough to make something up on my own.

          Liked by 1 person

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