Wonder Child: Epilogue

No more updates from Kira, this is all me.

I’m gonna get to the chase. Mom finally passed away. I was coming in from the kitchen with my simple meal of Frooty Loops when I heard a deep voice.

02 03 16 11 43 12 PM


It was Mr. Grim. I threw aside the bowl and started to panic. I wasn’t ready to be on my own! We were finally getting used to not having the constant worry of learning!

02 03 16 11 43 48 PM


As predicted he didn’t seem to care about me.

02 03 16 11 44 07 PM


I needed some time to deal with my feelings.

It’s times like this I appreciate my friends. Alex and his mom invited me to stay at their place for a week or two so I wasn’t alone.

02 03 16 11 55 42 PM


I was so grateful for them. Alex told me that anything I needed I could just ask. His dad had died a while back and he assured me that it took awhile for them to get back to a new sort of normal.

02 04 16 12 00 30 AM


I enjoyed playing on their baby grand…

02 04 16 12 01 54 AM


…but even that didn’t fully stop the tears.

02 04 16 12 02 16 AM


Towards the end of my stay, though, I started to feel a little less alone.

02 04 16 12 14 06 AM 02 04 16 12 13 28 AM


I feel so lucky to have Alex in my life…

02 04 16 12 04 52 AM



After several weeks of weeping, I made some big changes to my house!

02 04 16 7 40 11 PM



02 04 16 7 41 13 PM


It’s a little cluttered and messy, isn’t it?

Well… I have some news for you: I sort of don’t care what you think!


Anyway, a tour. My parents have a wonderful little shrine to keep them close. I decided to get a few more plants, too.

02 04 16 7 43 15 PM


I moved the piano across the room and rearranged the art on the walls.

02 04 16 7 40 48 PM


I love these colors, don’t you? (For the OCDs in the room I’m so sorry. I know they don’t all match perfectly.) (AN: See a little ninjapig there in the middle?)

02 04 16 7 42 59 PM


I got this cool shelf to display some bottles and spirits we took from Alex’s mansion. They had all sorts of neat things. The gold bottle, though, came from my dad.

02 04 16 7 42 18 PM


I de-cluttered the kitchen a bit and moved around some art.

02 04 16 7 44 30 PM


The other side of the kitchen didn’t really change but I did add some more art. There can’t be too much, you know!

02 04 16 7 44 49 PM


I knocked the wall down between my parent’s bedroom and mine. It sort of turned into a leftover catch-all, sorry to say. Just outside the door is the computer (because there was nowhere else to go, ha!).

02 04 16 7 45 32 PM


I got a new bed and decorated the walls as best I could.

02 04 16 7 45 16 PM


(The chess set still gets a lot of use in its new spot, don’t worry.)

02 04 16 7 48 39 PM


Alex stays over a lot now that we’re older. Neither of us are necessarily bad cooks but… things happen, you know? We put out the fire. We lost dad’s rocket model which was a bummer but I did my best to let it go.

02 04 16 7 54 29 PM


That’s about it for my new life.


Oh, but one more great thing happened…

02 04 16 10 05 52 PM


Alex and I got engaged!

02 04 16 10 06 08 PM


We could not be happier! I think we’ll have a big wedding with all his family, and Kira, and maybe see if my great aunts and uncles can come…

02 04 16 10 06 17 PM


Until the big day comes, we’ll just be waiting here, happy.

02 04 16 10 06 46 PM


AN: Could it be? I finished another story?! WHAT!!! Thanks for sticking through even though I started almost a YEAR ago. I just needed a break. I’m sorry that Kira didn’t narrate as much as I had hoped when I first started. I realized it would have been hard to have her narrate everything. Also, I guess their ages are wrong in the introduction. It’s so hard to put real life and sim life together. I also suppose that the dates are super off. I tried my best. That’s all you can ask for. 😛

Anyway, I really like this save and I wish I could somehow merge it together with my other five rotations and make one cohesive massive one. MCC really makes a mess of things sometimes but it also makes the game so much more dramatic if you use your imagination. Cassandra Goth (who you saw a couple chapters back) received a makeover by me and she had triplets! I don’t know who their father is yet but I can’t wait to check it out. I’ve not played with the Goths in Sims 4 so that’s probably why I’ve gotten attached now.

SO. I say this is the epilogue but maybe I’ll put together a wedding for them.
And then maybe I’ll show their children.
And then maybe I’ll show you how they and Cass’s family gets on.
And then…


  1. Sounds like a new rotation, to me! I’m really excited about this! Congrats on completing it! And what a great story. I really love that her score isn’t the highest–to me, that makes this story stand out. She’s an amazing beautiful person, and she shows the life isn’t about scores. (It’s really about love!)

    I was so surprised to see Bella still not an elder! I always forget how young she is.

    And yeah for the redecorating! I super love it!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Piggies! I see another pig on top of the bookcase too! 🙂 ❤

    I'm loving what she did with the house! So vibrant and colourful but still retaining her childhood memories. I'm sad both her parents have passed now but at the same time so happy for what lies ahead for her and Alex. 🙂

    Also, TRIPLETS! I need details!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!

      In their spin off it would be a shame if something were to happen to them… 😉 (nah, I’m joking. I’m 90% sure I won’t bother these two.)

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I have a poll here with some ideas for a sequel, if you’re interested! 😀


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