Wonder Child: Completion

Date: March 2, 2035
Program: The Wonder Child Project
Project: RRR (Phase 3)
Entry Number: 10T
Report made by: Ms. Kira Bird, Department of Assignment


We are nearing the end of Project RRR. This update is not a happy one.


Kira reporting. I have to share that Isaac recently passed away. I am happy to report that he was surrounded by friends and loved ones.

02 03 16 9 47 13 PM


We were gathered in their kitchen following a meeting of Greta’s club of friends. Alex Goth and I remained as we were close to the family and offered to help clean up.

02 03 16 9 47 26 PM


Everything seemed normal. Isaac was very happy.

02 03 16 9 47 38 PM


He picked up a trash bag that had been on the floor and started towards the bin.

02 03 16 9 48 08 PM


Suddenly he gasped and sunk to the floor. We stood around in shock for a moment before rushing to his aid. He wasn’t breathing!

02 03 16 9 50 11 PM


We knew things were over when Mr. Grim showed up. Greta ran to meet him, begging him to spare her father, even for a few hours.

02 03 16 9 53 31 PM


He did not comply.

02 03 16 9 50 49 PM


Grim did his part of the business and left us a nice urn. The kitchen collectively cried as he floated away.

02 03 16 9 52 39 PM


Grim, I thought we had a deal? When there’s a family I really like you’re supposed to spare them!

He did leave a gift for the family. It was a painting of a pink llama.

02 03 16 9 55 54 PM 02 03 16 9 56 01 PM


Date: May 14, 2035
Program: The Wonder Child Project
Project: RRR (Phase 3)
Entry Number: 10U
Report made by: Ms. Kira Bird, Department of Assignment


It has been several months since Isaac’s death. The family is coping best they can.


Greta here. I still miss my dad.

02 03 16 10 01 30 PM


We rearranged the photos and paintings so we could show off our amazing family. I can’t decide which my favorite is.

02 03 16 10 00 26 PM


Anyway, even though I’m still grieving I decided to start writing a children’s book. I’m trying to incorporate a theme of loss and love without getting too dark. It’s a challenge. It’s one I’m up to, though!

02 03 16 10 05 28 PM


I wrote so much I busted the computer (and brought up my skill some more fixing it!) This is something dad would have done…

02 03 16 10 25 12 PM


Mom is still having a rough time.

02 03 16 10 08 36 PM


She’s had Kira over a lot more recently.

02 03 16 10 17 25 PM


Kira always has a shoulder to cry on and offer her support. She’s the best caseworker and friend we could have ever wished for.

02 03 16 10 17 37 PM


Oh, and I’ve used up all of my vacation days so I had to go back to school. I’m happy I won’t have to do this for much longer…

02 03 16 10 13 29 PM



Date: July 12, 2036
Program: The Wonder Child Project
Project: RRR (Phase 3)
Entry Number: 10W
Report made by: Ms. Kira Bird, Department of Assignment


In this report we celebrate Greta’s birthday and the completion of her time as a Wonder Child. The next update will have the collected data.



Alex is a year ahead of me in school so we’ve been less affectionate lately. He says he feels a little weird about it (AN: and my teen/YA relationship mod is broken  -nothing nasty, FYI, just teen stuff!). I’m still crazy about him…

02 03 16 10 29 18 PM


Oh, and because I’m still crazy about him, mom finally gave me the woohoo talk. It was awful. We haven’t done anything like that yet… I didn’t tell her that because, WOW, awkward…

02 03 16 10 45 53 PM


Dad even came from the grave to visit us!

02 03 16 10 48 50 PM


I told him that after my birthday I was really excited to get to spend more time with Alex.

02 03 16 10 48 20 PM


He laid into me, yikes. It’s like he’s been talking to mom!

02 03 16 10 48 40 PM


…He probably was.

02 03 16 10 50 24 PM


When it finally came time for my birthday party I made my own cake (baking skills, what!).

02 03 16 10 56 33 PM


I texted everyone I knew to invite them.

02 03 16 10 57 49 PM


With dad’s urn in the kitchen I felt so happy to have him and mom there for my birthday.

02 03 16 11 03 27 PM


I didn’t feel much different but I knew that I was done with my busy life. No more constant learning. No more Z Juice. That night I would get to sleep in a BED.

02 03 16 11 03 51 PM


After my party I had Alex hold back to talk.

02 03 16 11 29 05 PM


He wished me happy birthday…

02 03 16 11 28 37 PM


Then he updated my photo in his phone and made a show of it. ❤

02 03 16 11 29 42 PM


With my skill life over Kira congratulated us both on our family victory. We still felt a little empty without my dad but it felt good to be done.

02 03 16 10 19 09 PM


Date: January 1, 2037
Program: The Wonder Child Project
Project: RRR (Phase 3)
Entry Number: 11A
Report made by: Ms. Kira Bird, Department of Assignment


It is my pleasure to report on the scores of Ms. Greta Wood. She has been assigned citizen #G1124. She performed well and completed her training with a score of 244. She is a little down as she feels that she could have done better but I have assured her that she is wonderful just the way she is. You will find her report at the link below:

Wonder Child Score Data

With that, I will end my report on Ms. Greta Wood and Project #W4834. We wish her well in whatever the government she has planned in her future life.

Stay tuned for the epilogue!



  1. Congrats! Isn’t it a fun challenge?

    I hate that the parents die during it, though. I might have them take youth potion next time I play one. It’s just so sad otherwise…

    And it looks like she and Alex are a couple! Maybe they could found a legacy!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It is SO SAD! The timeline really doesn’t work well, does it? If you have a sim become a YA and make it 21 years old then then adult stage would maybe start at 50 BUT then they die weirdly young! I can’t make the ages work out. XD

      And yes, they are finally a couple! I didn’t really have them pair up before because she was just too busy but now… you’ll see in the epilogue. 🙂 A Goth legacy would be pretty neat, not gonna lie. 😀

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Yay Meggs! Well done on completing another challenge! Greta is such a beautiful young woman…I’m so proud of how she turned out! Funny, gorgeous, loves her parents, and super brainy. She really couldn’t have done better in life IMO! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have a poll here with some ideas for a sequel, if you’re interested! 😀


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