Okay, I’m not really stressed at this very moment in the story world but in the real world, oh yeah. It’s OK; today work is calmer for now…

Anyway, I’m fond of these little updates. They help me list what I’ve been doing, document the progress I’ve made, and share the plans I have.

I’ve slowly been building up my drafts again! I’ve got one mostly worked out for Build Newcrest and it’s a bit of backtracking with Eiji and using up my screenshots.

I’ve also started a post with the remaining screenshots I have for Suzu to get us back before I finish the rest of her story. I did my best when I had it planned out from the beginning so hopefully I can write up a meaningful ending to generation one.

I’m caught up with Cosmo and the prettacy so that’s on hold until I have simming time again. (That’s in a good place!!)

My Simself Diary is just a bit of fun so that’ll sit there under “current” until I’ve decided it’s no good.

I’m sort of interested in catching up with my ISBI, too. It was a lot of fun to play but I was just too busy to write anything and lost track of what I wanted to say. BUT now I feel like getting to work again!!! 😀

OH, my Wonder Child! I have a few pics to share because that’s what I played over the weekend. I messed up the childhood of my poor baby because I had a school schedule mod installed but I guess it’s OK because she got more skilling in. She’ll probably turn out OK but I forgot to have birthday parties (I forgot you received points for them) and didn’t keep track of how much time it took to get an A. OOPS. It was fun, though, so that’s what matters, not the plummin’ score. 😉

The Sims 2 Beaumonts are on hold because, for some reason, that game isn’t as fun as it used to be. I mean, I can play for ages but then I sort of feel numb and it’s not a pleasant feeling. I’ve got one chapter worth of screenshots of the triplets in college. They’ll sit for a while until I’m bored and write them up. Sims 2 college did me in (just like real college!)

Future Plans

I still have that rotation saved with a variety of screenshots. I have at least four families established there and I keep adding on. The problem I’m running into is that I have several saves called “Rotation”, “New Rotation”, “Safety Rotation”, etc. and they’re all a teeny bit different. (I should actually go through and check ALL my saves because I accidentally played a Sim-weekend worth of Build Newcrest before I realized it was the wrong one. Whoops.)

I’ve got a Downton Abbey themed post PLANNED. Everyone is decked out and the house is built but I didn’t get it done in time for the US release of the last season. We’re almost done here! Maybe I can have it ready for the US finale? We’ll see. It’s nothing special, just a bit of fun. Document a party… you know.

OH, Tatsuya’s NYE Extravaganza! I did NOT forget. Sadly, I became too busy to make it for NYE. I am bummed about it. It’ll happen but be late. WTG, Megs.

I’ve got a SPACESHIP themed save! I renewed my enjoyment of Firefly and made a crew with a variety of people and started building a ship! It’s intense so I took a break but it’s pretty cool, gotta say. I would probably only take screenies of their day to day lives. It will be fun once I get my butt in gear.

In that same save I have a Timelord save. I downloaded a TARDIS shell and started decorating it. The decoration process was also intense so another break was had. It should be fun. Again, we’ll see.

I’ve got an idea for a Highlander Crest challenge but with a twist (someone else has probably done it already; I know I’m not unique, lol). Instead of having one sim stay alive for all generations and the torchbearer change, I would have the one sim stay alive forever BUT keep going as the torchbearer. Everyone else would die around them. Sad. A bit like The Age of Adeline. The idea also touched upon in Doctor Who with the character Ashildr/Me (played by Maisie Williams) but she decided that having one family die was pretty awful. Still, it would be fun to play… Maybe. Now that I’ve written about how sad it was maybe it’s a bad idea, LOL…

I have TWO more ideas that are not fleshed out, only in my head.

One is a story that has PLOT and stuff and involves a wedding. Not my normal thing. Too much stress. But I think it’s a fun idea IF 1) I could write it out and 2) I could screenshot it well. It’s a dream.

The other one is based at an opera company and, ideally, would have a bit of drama but not be annoying, LOL. Hard to do, in my opinion. I have the blog saved and it looks cool I just lack creativity.

WELL, that’s it for now. It was nice to write out.



  1. Ooo, are you going to do a Timelord Challenge? I’m a huge Doctor Who fan (I’m going to a big Doctor Who convention, Gallifrey One, next week!) and absolutely love those, and keep wondering if there is any way I can modify that challenge to TS3 so I can try one sometime, hahahaha! I have the worst luck getting any of the Timelord Challenge authors to add their stories to the Stories and Legacies Index though. So sad. Even if you just play one casually, I’d definitely be interested in seeing status updates on that! (Or the Firefly one… man I reek of geek…)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 I LOVE the idea because it gives a great opportunity to use the fancy outfits in the game. BUT I am SO not creative enough to make it work. Plots are the bane of my existence. XD

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Omg, it would be amazing. Like the band option we used to have only with the classical options. *siiiigh*

          Also, I feel like I’m following you around my blog BUT I’m on my lunch break and can’t resist replying! 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

  2. This post showed up in my WordPress reader tonight and I was reading along, not knowing what had happened to your “other stories.” Then I checked the date, um, 2016. Okay. I’ll just click “SEND” now, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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