The Raines Siblings

I made a couple of #BoredomCuties tonight!

My internet was being super slow tonight downloading the new GP so I figured I would play around in CAS. Ellie loaded up when I opened CAS and I changed hair color, makeup, and clothes, then I made her brother, Max, with genetics and I think he’s a cutie, too! :love:


Ellie Raines

ellie raines

Max Raines

max raines

You can find them on the gallery with CC checked (so sorry!) under origin id meggles87. I can grab anything you need from the game if you actually want them and I can figure out where I got the CC from. I will say that I used the skins and eyelashes found on my credit page (the detailed version 😛 ).

#BoredomCuties was a term coined by the illustrious Munterbacon! 🙂


  1. I’m totally going to grab them when I’m in game. I should have the lashes and the skin, but I’ll probably need the list of cc anyway, it looks like there might be some things there I don’t have. I know, shock-horror right!?! 😀

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