Build Newcrest: Chapter 1.7

Okay, listen. I’m getting old, you guys. Soon I’ll have to pass the torch to the next generation and I’m not ready. I’m not as old as Frankie, of course, but I’m just about there.



I heard a rumor that he made a potion that will keep him alive forever. I’m not sure I believe that but only time will tell…

(Author’s note: the MC mod makes it so you can set someone to be IMMORTAL! I’m gonna save him to my library just in case, though… If he dies I’ll see if I can make him a ghost on the park land. Can you do that? I don’t think you can…)

Let me share some plans with y’all. (Sorry it’s so small!)


This is a rough idea of how we’re gonna lay out the town. I decided to finally sit down and draft something so I don’t forget the ideas I’ve had. Maybe my kids will have other ideas but at least I gave them a foundation to work from.

The boys always seem to be doing homework. Not for much longer, though! There’s a new wave in the education system now that has a different schedule than we’re used to. Depending on their grades they’ll go fewer or more days a week. I think they might even qualify for private school! (It’s a mod I’ll link to later!)



Eddie has been feeling a lot better recently. He’s taken to watching the clouds with…the plants in the garden.



Our little cowplant decided to pop out and visit us at last. She seems really happy. We’re gonna have to come up with a great name for her. Maybe Angie can figure that out.



Speaking of, Angie recently had her birthday and earned a trait familiar to us: insane. My Great-Grandpa Mamoru had the trait and we hardly noticed.


Eddie isn’t so sure. Don’t be a little plum to your sister!

She’s very creative and enjoys art time by herself.



She wanted a friend all to herself so we got her a dragon. She tells that dragon everything.



Anahi is happy to no longer have a baby in the house and she’s started reading to the kids to keep them occupied.



They follow her around like a little puppy sometimes.



So… the boys are getting older. Too old, if you ask me. Yeah, they’re still kids but things are changing and fast.

This nice young lady here is named Amira. She used to play with August back when she was a little thing. Now… not so much.



…It looked like she didn’t forget who he was.


(AN: THIS IS NOT A CREEPY MOD, she was just flirty and flirty sims look like this when they talk to people, APPARENTLY EVEN CHILDREN.)

She had a talk with him and August made the choice to have his birthday a few days earlier than originally planned…

09-20-15_4-06 PM-2





Not wanting to be left behind, Eddie stepped up to the cake as well.



He takes after his mother. (Can you believe those two are twins?)



August acts a bit like my brother, Daichi



I’ve decided.

I SHOULD be worried…




I don’t know who this guy is but I like him!



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    1. I saw your post about that, actually.

      I automatically gave it points because I rarely have issues with the game itself (it plays well on my laptop). I love the look of the sims and the world.

      I’ve gotten bored recently but that’s probably a good thing. I was too obsessed with it for a while. I’ve found that when I play without cheats I find it more fun. So this save is fun to play and my legacy was always fun for me.

      I also still have hope for the future of the game. I’ve liked everything they’re added and fixed. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

    1. If you want them there’s a different comment here where I list where I found them. They are SO fun but randos totally get them all the time now. There’s magic in my game just like @CathyTea !

      Liked by 1 person

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