Dear Friends,

I took a look at my schedule for the rest of the year and I wanted to give you a heads up about how things might progress (or not!) until we’re into January.

It’s the holiday season and for a musician that means lots of rehearsals! This week and next I’ve got three rehearsals plus a couple church services, the week after I have three rehearsals PLUS church services PLUS cooking for Thanksgiving on Thursday. The last week I have rehearsal Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and then FOUR Messiah concerts Thursday through Sunday (and rehearsal Sunday night). Then rehearsals every night the next week with a John Williams concert Friday and Saturday (Saturday morning Bach rehearsal, too), and a Bach concert Sunday. THEN I can sort of relax before Christmas but only barely. Christmas Eve is a whole other story.

So, that’s my life right now. Please bear with!

Love, Megs

PS: I have NOT forgotten about Tettie’s NYE Extravaganza!

PPS: Looking at my archives for the months of November and December last year you can see how much I posted, HA!


  1. *hands you coffee and orange juice* For energy and good health! Naturally, this is not supposed to be consumed together… xD

    Have fun at rehearsals and enjoy every minute! It sounds super crazy. We all understand and will be waiting patiently here when you are able to update again! ❤ 🙂

    ( . . ) *snout kisses*!

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