Build Newcrest: Chapter 1.4

Life with twins

Turns out having twins wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened to us. There are up sides and then there are downsides.

Upside 1: They help each other out with their homework.



I was never much for homework when I was growing up (I mean, pretty sure I got straight As but who’s keeping score?) so it’s nice that I don’t have to worry about it. I think they usually stay on task…



What kid doesn’t daydream during homework time?



Upside 2: They keep each other entertained. I’m grateful they have each other because Eddie can be pretty gloomy sometimes. August can really cheer his twin up.



We live so close to one of the little playgrounds in this neighborhood that we can watch them from our property. They bring little friends over all the time.



Augie brought over this cute little girl named Amira. They got along very well and she visits all the time. I think she likes his self-assured nature.



Sometimes she pops on over just to hang out and read. She says we’ve got a pretty neat park going on here. I told her that was the goal!



There’s only been one downside so far: They cause twice as much trouble. Those little shits became partners in crime. How do I know this? Their teacher called me about their numerous pranks…



Oh, I forgot about one more upside to having twins. When they’re off on their own Anahi and I can have alone time.



We deserve it, too! We work so hard. Anahi and I garden constantly.



If I’m lucky I even fall asleep on the grass and not the pavers…



In addition to the garden we FINALLY saved up enough money to build a little cabin! Anahi and I built it ourselves. It’s not much but I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I think when we turn this place into a park it can be like a little homestead museum-like thing. I even changed my duds to look more profesh…sional. (Gotta start speakin’ more professional, too…)



Inside there’s a bathroom, two bedrooms, and a kitchen. An actual legit kitchen! Frankie visited shortly after we finished to check out the place. He’s a great friend but now he’s constantly coming over and using my stove to make potions or salves or some shit…



Really, Frankie, you have your own kitchen… now my house smells like flowers!



Oh, one thing that hasn’t changed is how careful Anahi and I are as a couple…



You’d think we’d learn but…



…you’d be wrong.





  1. Aw I like seeing what the twins get up to! They seem like such close friends, which is a great thing. 🙂

    And yay for another hermit sighting! 😀

    Whoot nooboos! Poor Anahi. I hope that she feels better about the new little one this time.

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