Build Newcrest: Chapter 1.3

We get this thing ROLLING!

Holy moly, I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t even had time to BREATH. Wait til I fill you in on Anahi and my lives…

So, our first few days as newlyweds were great! I didn’t let anyone come and visit because, well, you know… BUT, a couple nights that week Anahi woke up feelin’ sick to her stomach. We weren’t very careful before we got married so I knew what that meant…



Still, I acted surprised when she told me.



“oh wow what a surprise you’re pregnant I never would have guessed”
(Imagine me saying that all in one breath in one tone – I hope you have the right sound in your head!)



She hit me for that one. She says I’m a smart ass. That’s why she married me, I told her. She wasn’t really mad. Well, at what I said. She was mad about being pregnant.



I felt really bad for Anahi. Pregnancy was not great for her. I have never seen a more stressed out pregnant lady. Not even woohoo cheered her up. I tried really hard, too!



Her whole pregnancy was awful so I’ll skip all those bits…

We had a major surprise when she gave birth. She wasn’t carrying one baby but TWO. Twin boys, can you believe it? Anahi loves the boys to death. We were both thankful for this because she honestly didn’t know how she was going to feel towards them, hating children and all. We named them August and Eddie.



I decided to put a stop to the Japanese naming tradition. Our last name is Japanese enough. Maybe one of them will want to start it up again but not this generation! It’s hard to be creative sometimes.

Following their births the time came for me to become an actual adult. I wasn’t ready but Anahi got out the horn and it made me feel better. I hoped that I would keep my manly physique and not bloat up like all the other men in my family but I know genetics aren’t on my side…



Since the boys would be aging up into kids soon I decided to get adulting and read a book about parenting. Twin boys, yikes. I mean, I was a triplet and I have no idea how my parents managed that…



Wait, I KNOW, they had each other, my grandparents, Aya, and all my older sisters to help them. THAT’S how…

Once the boys grew up we got to see who they resembled. They weren’t identical, that’s for sure. We each had one to match us. Anahi’s mom swears Eddie looks just like Anahi did at that age and I know August looks a lot like an Ikeda.

fixedWe’re going to have trouble.


    1. Ooops–somehow that posted way before I was ready to post! LOL!

      As I was saying…. Simmers Help Line… because you’re making me want to play this challenge!

      It looks SO fun! Your park is gorgeola! I love it. And your Sims are awesome.

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