Gregory Lawrence

#ThrowBackThursday to share Greg’s application for Love Shot

Backtracking a little because I realized I hadn’t put Greg’s profile on my blog! He didn’t make it onto LoveShot but I still liked him enough that he was put in my rotation (with his sister and BIG family!)

I have a guy in my game that I made with the CAS demo and I figured why not have him audition? He was made with base game clothing/accessories but you’ll need to check CC to find him.

Gregory Lawrence
Music Lover | Outgoing | Foodie
Big Happy Family
Download by searching #hgbachelorette on the gallery (CC checked) or looking under my name: meggles87
06-19-15_6-22%25C2%25A0PM-3.pngFood, music, friends. Those are three things that Greg Lawrence needs in his life at all times.
However, lately he’s felt that there might be something missing.

The life of a dueling pianist at the local bar can be a lonely one. “That’s crazy!” You might think. “He’s constantly surrounded by people having fun and praising him! How could he be lonely?” Well… first off, there are couples everywhere and most of the single women are older than him. MUCH older. [AN: He’d like me to remind you that he loves all ages of women and that his mother would tell him what’s what if he didn’t stick stick up for them. That is all.] Secondly, his friends visit (often bringing their significant others) and request their favorite romantic tune. Greg plays their requests for free and watches out of the corner of his eye for the smooch that comes when he gets to their favorite part. (Sigh.) After playing Piano Man and Don’t Stop Believing for the fiftieth time that night he heads home in the early morning light to his lonely bungalow to make a quick (but delicious) meal and then heads to bed, waking in late morning and repeating the routine. When he’s not at the bar he’s catching up with his friends from college. They’re all starting to settle down and have kids and he’s… not. He thinks that maybe if he had someone to come home to he just might fill that missing piece of his heart.

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