Sidney Webb

2nd submission for Love Shot: Wildstyle!

Sidney made it in! HOWEVER, I still want her in my rotation! So, I had her move in with two roommates she met during auditions: Cecelia & Tawnie.

Sidney Webb
Self-Assured | Clumsy | Family Oriented
Collector | Freelance Botanist
Download by searching #LSBachelor on the gallery (CC checked!)

09-04-15_9-57 PM-5

Thinking back on her life, Sidney couldn’t recall ever being told that she was beautiful. Okay, her mother probably did the night of her junior prom… maybe her grandfather at her cousin’s wedding, but… they’re family! They totally don’t count. Not one unrelated guy has said that to her… besides her high school boyfriend but he was just trying to get into her pants (and he didn’t succeed, thank you so much). She was always known as that nice cute girl.

Did that matter to her? No way!

She knew that she was a talented and intelligent woman. She was known as the only person in her neighborhood who could keep day lilies alive longer than a week. She was a decent cook. She managed to get in shape after eating her cooking, even though her face, knees, and elbows saw the pavement during a jog more often than she’d care to admit.

Her mother was the one who signed her up for the dating show. She considered Sidney “accomplished, pretty, and sweet” and promised that the bachelor would fall for her charm instantly. Sidney disagreed. She knew she was a catch but the bachelor probably wouldn’t be worth her time…

Sidney has a little CC and several decent skills:

  • level 2 in comedy & video games
  • level 3 in charisma
  • level 4 in fitness, wellness, & handiness
  • level 6 in cooking
  • level 7 in gardening

CC used:

I rescued her from the townie bin and worked her into shape! At first she looked a little like Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers (haha, @Rorygilmore34!) but I quickly lost the blue dress and knee high socks she generated. 😉


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