Suzu Clan: The Compound

As promised, here is a little tour of the compound. I’ve left out the bathrooms but I’m sure you’ll see them soon! A note: there is enough space for me to add a room for any heiresses or sons that are born. I can also add another level on any of the buildings. I like the idea of having a more outdoor compound than everything being inside.

First is a street view of the property. From left to right is the watch tower (or bell tower if I can find a bell). In the middle is the women’s chambers. Bottom right is the attendant’s quarters. Next to that are the bathrooms for the women (women on the bottom, Suzu’s on the top). Next to that is the kitchen and above that is Suzu’s room.

08-20-15_7-48 PM

Outside the compound (but still part of the property) is the garden and workout area.

08-20-15_7-48 PM-2Bird’s eye view. 🙂
08-20-15_7-50 PMFrom another angle.
08-20-15_7-51 PMFrom the lake side.

08-20-15_7-49 PM

Now for some closeups!

Here is the watch tower and the flower garden. To the right is where they do yoga. The shrine for good harvests is right around the corner (you’ll see that soon, also) as well as a chicken coop and meditation stools.

08-20-15_7-53 PM

Here is the attendants’ quarters.
08-20-15_7-52 PMInside are two beds, a water vessel (they can wash their hands in!), some books, and a candle on the wall (right in the top left). That door leads to a bathroom which is a shower and a toilet (that looks like a wooden bucket – pretty cool).

08-20-15_8-05 PM-2Next, I’ll show you the pond and dining area. The pond wraps around the two connected buildings here and ends near the attendants’s quarters.
08-20-15_7-55 PMThe dining area is outside beneath a covered pagoda roof. A dragon fountain watches over their meals. The fire pit on the right is a very popular place to hang out, I’ve discovered.
08-20-15_7-59 PM

Next up is the kitchen! The bowl functions as a sink. That cabinet on the right is the refrigerator. The tea maker is the only appliance I have that looks a bit out of place. (Maybe I should request a CC maker to make one that looks a bit different?)
08-20-15_7-59 PM-2The other end of the kitchen has two stoves. The one that Orion has been using is the middle one so it looks weird in game but what can I do? The side one is still old fashioned enough I don’t mind it being there just for show. 😛
08-20-15_8-00 PMThe sitting room is mostly decorative. Samurai suit in the middle, kimono on the side. There’s a bookshelf and a pillow beneath the stairs where they like to sit and read.
08-20-15_8-01 PMThe other side has a couch/bench thing. There were beautiful flowers and an incense burner on that chest on the right but, spoilers, there was a fire and I was too lazy to put them back before taking pictures.
08-20-15_8-01 PM-2The upstairs of the women’s chamber is where the sisters sleep. Very comfortable!
08-20-15_8-02 PMNext is Suzu’s room. Every window has a view whether it be the compound, the beautiful cherry blossoms, or the lake.
08-20-15_8-06 PMHere’s the other side. That sword on the left is the one she stole from Katsu…
08-20-15_8-06 PM-2

Finally, here is the garden. Almost all of the fruits and veggies are here. That building in the back is the Ceremonial Moon Temple.
08-20-15_8-08 PMI hope you enjoy seeing more of these places as the clan develops!


  1. How gorgeous is this place? I can’t even begin to start describing what I love about it! The dragon fountain, the pond, even the servant’s quarters – everything’s so period-appropriate in its own way! Suzu’s room is so pretty! And I like the old stove in the kitchen. 🙂

    flargles to infinity and beyond So. Much. Love. ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I like the pont. Can already see myself playing up there like a child xD The dragon fountain on the other hand would make me feel watched all the time by eating. I mean, I already have a problem with orchids because they kinda look as if they’d watch you.
    All in all, nice quarters with quite a lot of amenities even in the beginning. They aren’t rentable for holidays, are they? xD

    Liked by 1 person

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