NinjaPig in Europe: Part 8

We visit Madame Tussaud’s, the Science Museum, and the London Eye.

Our first stop today was to see Benny C. and friends at Madame Tussaud’s! I took a selfie with Ben but I prefer my picture with ET to share!

(my face!!!)

There was also a Marvel and Star Wars exhibit there so NinjaPig took some pics with the cast.

She managed to find a wax figure her own size, too!

Afterwards we headed towards the Science and Natural History museums. It was a long walk for our tired feet (we are getting so weak).

When we got there, NinjaPig wanted pictures with all the cool vehicles.


Her heart will go on…

She can drive!

We were all so tired after the museum that we decided only to walk through the Natural History Museum. We got a nice shot of the beautiful architecture in the entrance hall.

Our evening meal was at the Sherlock Holmes Pub. I had Mrs. Hudson’s steak and ale pie and it was wonderful.

Our main reason for being out this way was for the London Eye. We wanted to go in the evening. Thankfully (?) the line was super long so it made it sunset when we finally got in the pod. We also wanted to be in the special pod and by some grand chance we made it in!


NinjaPig loved the Eye!


The walk back to the tube was very crowded but pretty. The city at dusk is very pleasant. ❤


I forgot to share with the last post, but we went to the Museum of London after tea on Friday. It was our favorite museum and we had a lot of fun there. Bicycle Horse was from the Museum of London and I loved him.

(I understand he’s not actually a bicycle horse but it’s the first thing I thought of when I saw this picture. 😛 )


    1. When I read about you being hungry it made me think of you making FriendsFan hungry, haha! The pie was so good!!!

      Some of the figures were more realistic than others. I guess it depends how well you know the real person.

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  1. ninjapig had so much fun (and so did you guys)! She even got to do the ‘Rose and Jack’ on the Titanic. And drive a car! And meet a cute furry wax counterpart! ❤ Totally made up for a sick day at the hotel alone yesterday. huggles all of you

    Also yay for a Meggles! ❤

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  2. This is so epic! I don’t know why, but I really feel touched by this story. It kinda chokes me up a little bit. Maybe nostalgia for The Red Balloon… all those tear-jerker movies with little tiny vulnerable toys, wandering the world…

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      1. That film used to be shown annually at our school when I was growing up–and I would weep and weep each year! It’s so beautiful. Anyway, Ninjapig reminded me of that. What an amazing and inspiring idea that was of yours!

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    1. ALSO, did I post the picture of the balloon from Tube Strike day? If I didn’t mention, there was a balloon that managed to cross the street. We were waiting for our bus and many of us were watching its journey. A bus went by and we all gasped but the balloon had made it! After several minutes, a street cleaner person came and popped it and I was sad. 😛


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