NinjaPig in Europe: Part 1

NinjaPig arrives on the scene to see the sights and munch the food.

NinjaPig made her appearance known when we got closer to London. She announced she had protected our flight from turbulence. I thanked her.

She napped in my bag until we arrived at dinner much later in the evening. She kept watch over our meal (and stole a halloumi nibble).

Following, she tried to run after an annoying customer but I had to reign her in.

She kept watch by the tea kettle all night. She’ll have a well deserved nap today.


  1. Awww! Thank you for starting this series! I’m in love with it already. 🙂

    Heehee, I love that she’s next to the tomato ketchup squeezy bottle! She’s probably trying to eat it, despite it being like 5 times bigger than her. And she loves halloumi! ❤

    Sleep well and dream of tea, sweet ninjapig!

    Hugs to you and her! Have a great vacation. 🙂

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  2. I LOVE this idea. It’s probably impossible, but if ninjapig wants to continue her adventures in Spain come September, I would love to figure out how to make that work. If only I could knit I’d make my own.

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