Mt. Fuji Spa & Wellness

Mt. Fuji Spa & Wellness is a 3 story full service spa center. Features include front desk, cardio room, pool, outdoor meditation deck, massage parlor, sauna, soak tubs, rooftop yoga space, and juice bar – everything you could want!

Sniffs Do you smell that? It’s a vanilla game! I went mod free so I could actually share a build with the world. What better way to start than with a spa center? Keep your eyes peeled for the ladies of Gen 9, Sonia, Aya, and a certain bachelor who’s back home for some R&R…

Check out the following blogs to see pictures of the spa in game!

 Mt. Fuji Spa & Wellness

07-15-15_10-19 PM-2Download here (I hope!)

meggles87 on the gallery / search #megg87

First Floor

07-15-15_10-28 PM
07-15-15_10-27 PM
07-15-15_10-59 PM-2
07-15-15_10-29 PM

07-15-15_10-29 PM-2

The plants from the outside like to clip inside – oops! Oh well – can’t be fixed!

07-15-15_10-56 PM
07-15-15_11-01 PM-2

07-15-15_10-57 PM-2

“It’s later than I thought if the crappy late night talk shows are coming on…”

07-15-15_10-41 PM-2

“…plummin’ calling me ‘Tetties’… psh!…”

First Floor Features:

  • Fully decorated entrance hall with front desk, entrance to first floor amenities, and grand staircase leading up to the second and third floors.
  • Entering through the large doors brings you to the storage room, cardio room with top of the line treadmills and large screen TV, swim spa, hallway lockers, and bathrooms with lockers, toilets, and showers for both men and women.

Second Floor

07-15-15_10-53 PM
07-15-15_10-52 PM

“Be careful with these hands, they paint masterpieces!”

07-15-15_10-43 PM-6

“…so I tell my husband, ‘if you don’t let me keep that llama we’re going to have a problem!’ Can you believe his nerve?”

07-15-15_10-47 PM
07-15-15_10-44 PM


07-15-15_10-31 PM-3

“Finally peace and quiet…”

07-15-15_10-39 PM

“Is everything okay?”

07-15-15_10-40 PM-3


07-15-15_10-54 PM-2
07-15-15_10-51 PM

“…breathe in…breathe out…(I’m so bored…)…”

07-15-15_10-35 PM


07-15-15_10-35 PM-2

“Ahhh… So good!”

Second Floor Features:

  • The grand staircase leads out to open-air foot and hand massage station, two private massage rooms, one private couple’s massage room, and world class sauna.
  • The outdoor meditation deck is guarded by a tall cypress tree while soothing water features as the centerpiece for a calming environment.
  • Two stall half bath on this floor.

Third Floor

07-15-15_10-49 PM
07-15-15_10-50 PM

“It’s so great to get away from all those kids…”

07-15-15_10-55 PM
07-15-15_10-46 PM
07-15-15_10-45 PM
07-15-15_10-46 PM-2
07-15-15_10-43 PM
07-15-15_10-43 PM-3
07-15-15_10-34 PM-2
Third Floor Features:

  • Three private soaking rooms can be found right off from the grand staircase.
  • A large fish tank greets you as you enter the juice bar area that overlooks the entrance hall. Comfortable seating and bar stools are available to relax and enjoy a cold beverage and snack from the bar or fridge (located behind the bar).
  • The rooftop yoga area boasts space for six students and an instructor to study together. An artist’s easel is available for use by those inspired by the beautiful view of the city from the rooftop.
  • Two stall half bath on this floor.

I hope you enjoyed my spa build. It was a lot of work but I think it turned out nice!

Download here (I hope!)

meggles87 on the gallery / search #megg87


  1. This is GORGEOUS! ❤ Usually I find big builds (like most gyms on the gallery) overwhelming because there’s just so much, but everything looks so amazing and it’s so well-decorated (the colors are fantastic). Definitely downloading into one of my games (at least). Thanks so much for sharing!

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Thank you! I TOTALLY agree with big builds being overwhelming! I also hate that some lots may look beautiful but they suck functionally. What’s with that?! I feel like this could actually be a place. 🙂

      I really appreciate your comment!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. This is amazing! I love how you made the upstairs mezzanine with the curved half walls. The flow of the room, even though it’s just a hallway, is so peaceful! The front desk makes quite a statement that you’ve arrived in a classy place where you’ll be pampered, too, I think.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you so much! I tried really hard to keep the hallways flowing and not too angular. 🙂
      I wish that the front desk could be staffed and that someone would tend the bar! The other thing I noticed is that I don’t have someone at every spa station. Maybe it will right itself the next time I try it because I had just deleted all the homeless as they were all bald and naked (custom content gone wrong! :P)

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Ha, that’s a funny picture in my mind, the whole unplayed household manager full of bald and naked sims, oops. Maybe that will fix the issue with some of the masseuses not showing up. It would be nice to have some functionality for front desks that are not in work venues or owned businesses….

        Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, I would have it on just to be safe.
      There were two places I NEEDED things to be: the water feature in the pool and the rocks overlapping in the lobby. There may be a third but I cannot think of what it might be. OH, the thing on the roof.
      I found it very challenging to place stuff at the right height in the bathroom stalls so hopefully there’s no toilet paper on the ceiling. Also, in the screenshot of Aya drinking juice it looks like I placed the hand sanitizer a little too high – oopsie! 😛


      1. pops head in Did you make use of the ‘T’ key when placing toilet rolls? I discovered that awhile ago and it made my placement of them so much less of a hassle. Also useful for pool lights. 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

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