Chapter 83: Thanks, Grim.

Grim makes a house call and the family moves forward.

Sparkling life bars make me so anxious. I feel like I need to be with the sim in question up until it’s time to leave. When their face suddenly appears in their queue I tense up…and it ends up being “dance” in the end. I exhale and keep playing.

07-13-15_7-02 PMThen when you’re not paying attention and thinking about other things (like how mean Sonia can be to everyone) they suddenly stop what they’re doing…

07-13-15_7-38 PM-2Ugh, way to be, Grimmy.

07-13-15_7-40 PMIt was almost as if Kimi wasn’t aware of what was going on as her grandmother got up and waved at the ceiling. (Maybe she was mad that Sonia had just insulted her for no reason.)

07-13-15_7-39 PM-2

07-13-15_7-43 PMInstead of starting a game of chess Grim turned and floated out of the study and headed towards the basement.

At the exact time Sonia was waving at the ceiling, Mamoru woke up from his bed and did likewise.

07-13-15_7-39 PM

(I feel you, painting behind Mamo. I feel your pain.)

07-13-15_7-44 PM-3We added one more table to the crypt to display generation eight’s urns. I thought, hey, this will be the last one, but… Malik’s life bar is creeping up there. Kaori’s almost an elder, too. I don’t want to think about it.

07-13-15_7-48 PMThat first evening following the deaths I left the kids to their own devices. Most of them went to bed early. I figured with our resident dollhouse smasher now gone we might as well try to fix it finally.

07-13-15_7-57 PMInside, Kaori watched her younger girls sleep. I thought it was sweet…

07-13-15_7-56 PM-2

One of Mamoru’s promotion gifts was a new rocket ship. To distract herself from all the sadness, Aya decided to build it!

07-13-15_8-30 PMShe enlisted the help of Kaori and Chiyo who gladly obliged (and added rocket science to their list of talents).

07-13-15_8-32 PMThey made quick work of it…

07-13-15_8-36 PM…and soon they had another rocket to remember Mamoru and Sonia by.
07-13-15_8-38 PM

AN: I’m excited for the next chapter because it’s a little different from my usual drill. It was fun to set up, at least. 🙂 BUUUUT you’ll have to wait! 😉 cackles wildly


  1. This post summarises how I feel about my Sims dying so well. Grim always comes when you’re not paying attention! Grr. (But that’s so much like real life!)

    Now you’ve got me all excited for the next part! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I was really getting into it with the dragons rocket ships! (I’m thinking about dragons for some reason.)

      And you would think Aya would but Mamoru saw more deaths! His counter was at 11! I can’t think of who he’s seen die… I can’t imagine that’s right!

      Liked by 1 person

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