Wonder Child: Step One

“Right! So, instructions! One: Get to know each other.”

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Date: March 2, 2015
Program: The Wonder Child Project
Project: RRR (Phase 1)
Entry Number: 8A
Report made by: Ms. Kira Bird, Department of Assignment


Citizens Isaac and Amelia Wood (numbers I2034 and A9653, Project #W4834) seem to be adjusting well to their new lives. At this visit, the couple told me about their first day together.

Amelia reported that things were just O.K. that first day.

“Just O.K.? Really??”

She claims that Isaac found her humorous and was very sweet to her.

They both felt they were merely making the best of their situation. They agreed things could be much worse.

I queried them on any more traits they learned about each other.Amelia tells me that Isaac absolutely loves reading. At the rate he read that first night, Amelia thinks they’ll soon run out of books for him to consume! I’ll have to make a note to request more books once a child enters the household.

Isaac did his best to engage Amelia with a book he was reading. He thought they could connect on a story together, like a two person book club. She obliged and tried to catch up while he accepted a position as an intern at SpaceY. Amelia took a tech spot at Rainy Day Entertainment.

The couple has elected not to own a TV for now. They feel it will be too distracting for the child. They know a computer will be necessary for both Amelia’s job and the child’s studies at some point but until that time arrives they are content as is.

Amelia didn’t mention it to me, but upon inspection of the house, I found a book about childbirth and raising children in the bedroom. I suspect she is preparing herself for the future.

Isaac mentioned that they really got close as the day went on, sharing secrets about their past and why they decided to apply for the program.

Amelia confided that she always wanted to be a mother but she was too shy to step outside of her comfort zone and meet someone (do I know that feeling or what! **Note: delete from report before publishing)

Isaac felt the urge to raise a child to be as smart as they could be. This program’s mission seemed perfect for him.

By the end of that first night they felt that maybe there was something between them.

…Not enough to share a bed, though.

As Isaac had to work in the morning, Amelia volunteered to take the couch.

The next morning after Isaac left for work, Amelia said she spent some time reflecting on their mission.


When Isaac returned home from work they called to invite me over for our next interview.

And that’s where we are now!

Some final thoughts:

Their relationship is progressing as well as can be expected. Some couples get down to business on their first day of the program. Others take ages.

Amelia and Isaac, on the other hand, are doing better than I thought. I don’t think it will be much longer…


  1. A new series! Woot! I wonder how these two will get along as time passes! These two are so attractive, I bet their child’s going to be a knockout. 😉 I love how you’re telling the story of the project through Kira, it’s quite unique to have a third-party overseeing the challenge so proactively, but honestly it’s pretty realistic if you ask me. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s how I write sometimes, too! I have a friend that is a super academic and she leaves snarky notes in her papers and she almost forgot to delete one once! gasp

      Liked by 1 person

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