Chapter 77: GEN TEN!


GEN TEN IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay, now that we’re done with that, let’s see how we got there…
Without a full house it’s been so quiet. Kaori knew just how to solve that: by learning a new instrument! She may be a master pianist but a violinist? Not quite…
Another hobby she decided to take up was bonsai crafting.

She’s a natural! It’s really got that natural flow to it.

While everyone’s at work, Aya and Kaori spend their time together. Aya is amazed she’s been around as long as she has. She’s from generation 6 and she’s about to see generation 10 enter the world. It shouldn’t be possible but here she is. This little nooboo will be her great-great-great niece or nephew. Ah, science.

Kaori went on a toy buying streak, nesting and all, and she just put them all down in the middle of the nursery. Luckily for everyone, Takeo decided to clean up for them. Thanks!

Despite being up there in age, Sonia managed to complete her artist aspiration as well as become a master of the real.

I’m most thankful that she got a new career outfit…

Everything was so chill now that I was SO impatient for gen 10 to arrive. When it finally came time, I sent her off to the hospital and went to check the forums. I wasn’t sure what to expect so I let it sit for several minutes, avoiding the reveal…

It’s a girl! They named her Chiyo which means “a thousand generations” in Japanese. I thought it was appropriate.

It’s also the name of the main character in Memoirs of a Geisha before she becomes a geisha and is renamed Sayuri. #movietrivia

As soon as she got home, Kaori aged up into an adult.

Still looks good for an adult. She’s got her mother’s genes.

Malik’s sister, Gabriella, came over to greet her new niece.

Then Aya had her turn.

When Mamoru got home from work he bounced her around.

And Sonia had her share (with Takeo checking in again).

Malik didn’t have the best luck with feeding time. I’d never seen someone fail at feeding before!

Kaori knew she’d soon have her hands full because she still needed a male heir. Chiyo would be special, though. How could she not be? I bet she’ll be adorable!!!

After introducing the family to Chiyo, I took a little break to write part of this blog (and distract  myself with food truck tv, ha!). When I checked back to the game I think I had left it running! Ahhhh! Thankfully, everyone was fine. Checking the log I saw that Sonia painted a masterpiece and Chiyo announced she would age up soon (ha).
If you’re interested, you should take a look at the family tree. It’s freakin’ huge.


  1. Thanks! <3 (I also love that shirt!!!)
    (I hate this commenting system. I can't change my ID to comment and it's SO STUPID! *wants to switch back to wordpress*)


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