Chapter 76: The Wedding

The spares move around, there’s a wedding, and the game kills me.

So far this is what Newcrest looks like. Yoshi moved in first, then Momo, Tsuneo, and finally Tomio. AND a cute little church was chosen for Kaori and Malik’s upcoming wedding. We’re doing things right this time.

We haven’t had a wedding since… Michiru and Adriel? That can’t be right… that was in November… I’ll get back to you. On that note…

I booted up the main house on a dark Tuesday at 5:00 in the morning. Everyone was awake. Great. I made sure aging was back on and prayed that Kaori wouldn’t age up to adult in the middle of her wedding. She had zero days to go but she wasn’t sparkling yet. If we had a morning wedding things would be OK. But I didn’t want a morning wedding on a Tuesday. Who does that? Still, there was nothing to be done about it.
Almost everyone needed Zzz Juice (Aya and Sonia were good!) and they got to work. It’s too bad Sami moved out because she would have made a fabulous cake for them, I’m sure. Instead, Aya planned to make a white and black tiered cake. Malik made sure their wardrobes were set to go. When they were all ready, they headed to the church.
It’s so cute!

When they got there there were already people hanging out. Fine, fine, whatever. They were in the wrong dressing rooms but I rolled with it.

I think that’s cousin Caleb in the background?

Momo was already there for some reason and she looked ready to pop!

Once everyone was settled in, Aya went upstairs to start the cake.

Kaori finally made the call to start the party. Did you know that generic lots cannot be used for weddings? I do now! I had to change it to a lounge. Kind of weird, but it doesn’t matter.

Sami, Tsuneo, and Kendrick came to greet the bride.

And Malik went to greet his mother! I didn’t know he had a mother!

…or a sister!

It was getting a little harder to move around the lot but we were making it work. Aya managed to get the cake set out without anyone snatching a slice.

Next, I took some pictures of the interior.
Kaori’s side is getting situated! Nice!

Once I had everyone in the immediate family in the church area, I selected the option to get married.

Things were going well!

You two are adorable!

Still good!

I zoomed in…

And this is where things went to hell. I was stuck on this screen with wedding music for maybe 30 minutes.

(Note the time in real life.)

When it would decide to un-freeze it jumped ahead two game hours.

And two more…

At this point it was around 5 PM in the game. I managed to move around a little bit and get this nice shot.

…and this one. The hired pianist was awful, by the way.

When I tried to go forward it did the awful freeze thing again until it was 1 AM in the game.


SOMEHOW, BY SOME MAGIC UNKNOWN TO ME, WE GOT A GOLD MEDAL. I didn’t do anything except waste an hour of my life.



Once it settled down and I had a safe and steady pause I reset everyone and sent everyone but Aya home. Then I followed Mamo home and we were in the clear.

I am NEVER having a wedding on a public lot again. (Unless it’s a brand new save file.)


Now that they were back to a normal life in the (relatively) safe legacy lot the remaining family slept soundly.

The next morning Kaori had a surprise!

Hooray! Gen Ten is on the way!!!! Yes!

Because of her pregnancy, Kaori was gifted a few extra days as a young adult. Another yes!

No more procrastinating. Cross your fingers for a boy to finish out this legacy!!!

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