Chapter 70: The Girls

Momo’s sassy, Kaori’s sweet, and Sami’s super talented.

Generation 9 is making me pretty happy. I wish I was able to better show their personalities like I see them all in my head. I’m already planning to actually do a story rather than just a blog for the next legacy I do and hope that I can keep up to my standards. That’s part of the reason I’m afraid to continue with my Wonder Child story. I had a strong start and intro and I can’t figure out how to continue with the same quality. That’s just me being a perfectionist…

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh, their personalities. I totally have a better sense of the girls’ personalities than the guys’. I see Momo, the youngest gal, as being your stereotypical teenage girl. I don’t usually go this route with my sims but one of the first things she did was take a duck face selfie. She makes the best faces, too.

She just can’t even.

(Also, I am in love with that hairstyle, weirdly enough.)

Kaori, oldest gal, is more of the goodie-two-shoes big sister type. She always worked hard in school and I expected her to have an easy time finding a nice guy to settle down with. (More on that later…)

She just looks like such a sweetie!

Lastly, Asami is a little more sporty and free-spirited. She’s always been a little different with her natural hair color and her facial features. (She really resembles her father – especially her lips!) Her penchant for baking is really appealing to me, too. I’m eager to see her open a bakery or something when she’s out of school. Maybe have a spin off or something…

I digress. Any of the girls could become the heir, as you well know. As we currently stand the order is Kaori, Asami, then Momoko (per usual with the oldest to the youngest child).

Kaori’s birthday came and she rolled her final trait: lazy. Could be worse. She certainly doesn’t look lazy. Maybe it’ll manifest itself in the future…

Asami spent the whole celebration time baking some fresh bread that turned out to be more popular than the cake!

Now that both Kaori and Fredrick were the same age again (he aged up several days earlier) she started trying to be more and more friendly. He didn’t really take the bait.

(Don’t let that smile fool you – he’s just being polite…)

He also showed us how sad the gloomy trait can actually be. He really brought Sami down with his tale of woe.

Kaori hoped to get some couch time in with Kendrick but he didn’t take well to any of her advances. To top it off, I saw this pop up after a very unfortunate flirt.

So with that, Kaori gave up on the boy. They were still friends, though, so she invited him over so that maybe Momo or Sami could try their luck.

I’m not sure that’s a good face.
Kaori started talking to her other guy friend: Malik. So far, things are friendly with a little pink in their romance bar.

From the other room, Momo seemed a little wary of him…

…wait, no, it was just a typical scowl…
Later that evening, Sami had a chance to talk to the ghost of their legacy founder: Misaki. She wanted to get an idea of what it was like to be heir. Misaki laughed at her. Things were much different for her as the founder. She had to build their house from the bottom up and always had trouble with money.
“You’re all lazy! You haven’t had to work for anything since maybe generation four!”
Sami didn’t like that answer.
I think Misaki was a little hard on them…

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