Chapter 69: Playing the Field

The kids do homework, gen 9 finds love, and there’s a fire.

The busy weekend for the family soon ended and the workweek reigned everyone back in. Everyone had homework to do and they had to get on it right away.
“Sooooo, can I copy, please? Samiiii???”
The triplets still didn’t have As and, even though none of the boys were eligible for heir this round, I still wanted them to do well in school.

Tsuneo (green sweater vest) had an interesting story from school that day…

He didn’t tell anyone but, coincidentally, his older brothers were in sort of the same mindset. Later that evening, Yoshi and Sora went out to meet people. (In this legacy, we do a poor job in socializing our children.) They brought home a couple of ladies to chat with. Sora’s date didn’t work out so well (even though the girl was really nice!).

The sisters had to make sure these gals were OK for their brothers…

Yoshi and Traci, however, spent their time together watching the stars and talking about whatever they could think of…

You couldn’t let her lie on the grass, dude?

Kaori has been oddly silent during most of her teendom, too. As she’s actually eligible for heir this generation I thought it was best she check to see if she knew anyone already or if she’d have to take the same path as her brothers.

We were in luck – she knew two guys already! Both were teens and she started talking to them right away.

She decided to start with Kendrick and see where things went. He was grumpy but you wouldn’t be able to tell just from talking to him. He was pretty OK! She decided to keep up with her texting and phone calls and see where things went from there…
We’ll let them hang for now…

So, in the last chapter I mentioned Sami’s interest in baking? Well, she still didn’t have her high school A and was stuck on the requirements. She needed three levels in any skill! She had one in baking so I set her to work on level two. Brownies sounded like a great idea for her next conquest!

BUT OH NOOOO! She started a fire! She was actually ON FIRE!

Everyone in the house ran outside. I tried to get Mamo, Sami, ANYONE, to go back in and extinguish the fire but no one would go in!

I found it funny that the ghosts decided they needed to be safe from the fire, too.

Finally, Yoshi made his way back in and stood there, just staring. Since the fire was in the corner counter he couldn’t get to it! Thankfully, it went out in the corner.

Yoshi covered his face and made “oh no…”/uncomfortable noises. That’s the reaction I would have had, too.

The insurance company gave them a little over $5,000. That covered the counters, maybe. The stove was going to be $13,000 alone! The bills were working again (darn…) and the family only had ~$15,000 in backup. I decided to part with the stupid fountains in the pool on the deck, made the deck and pool smaller, and gained a fair chunk of change. We were able to replace everything and still have some leftover dough. Phew.


The next afternoon, Sora heard a knock on the door and in came Kierra, another nice gal he met the night before.

It took them some time to get used to each other but they eventually got along very well.

So well, in fact, they eloped right there on the spot! Sora was getting a little tired of living in a full house.

I don’t blame him. They moved out and took the triplets on a little vacation so they could change everyone’s’ styles FINALLY. (You’ll see more eventually but this gives you a little peek…)

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