Chapter 66: Goodbye, Gen 7!

There are too many people in this household but Grimmy has a solution…

There’s a little bit of progress for Mamo in the muscle department. I can see a six pack developing…

I mentioned it at the end of the last chapter, but I’ll say it again:


It’s been so hectic that I missed Yoshi’s teen birthday. Poor guy.

(These blonde kids look so preppy and the sweater definitely doesn’t help!)

Sonia’s slowly, but steadily, moving up in the artist career path. She’s so artistic that she’s got her own wacky artist’s style going on. Rocking the prosthetic arm, I see? Hm.

I managed to make time for Sora to work out a bit. There’s not been too much time to keep track of everyone…

…and I did manage to get the kids to do their homework, at least.

Then there’s that blasted garden. Thankfully, I’ve got three retired elders to take care of it…


Nade had one full day of sparkling bar before she met her end in the mid afternoon sun.

Mamo, Aya, and Maddox were all there to mourn her and greet Grimmy when he came to call.

No sooner had we heard his signature tune did Maddox look up at the sky and decide he was ready, too.

I’ve never had sim couples die at the exact same time before. It was very tragic.

It so happened that the kids came home right as Maddox was leaving so we had a full house of tears.


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