Chapter 65: SIGH

Too. Many. Babies.

In the last chapter I mentioned Masumi’s mom makeover. Well, both she AND Natsuki got mom makeovers.

Baily, Natsuki, Caleb, Derek, & Henry
Aidan, Taylor, and Masumi

Awww, Gen 8 is all grown up… We need to have a party where everyone comes over. That’d be a lot of people, though… Maybe I’ll do that this evening instead of sewing my Glinda cosplay for this weekend.

Rather than parties, I feel like the dining room in this house has been used more as Homework Central for a long time now..

How many kids have sat at this table and done their homework throughout the generations? Lots.

Back to the adults, Mamo’s job requires him to work out a lot so I decided to take a before shot so we can see those muscles develop.

Now that Sora has the bodybuilder aspiration, the two of them can have father son bonding time at the gym. It’s a rare occasion now when we leave the family lot but Sora required it for his goals so off they went!

So, how many kids does gen 9 have? Oh, right, five. I decided that we had room for one more to fill the house to eight sims. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

TRIPLETS, OF COURSE. THREE BOYS. My first set born in the legacy house (the other two sets were born to spares after moving out). From left to right, Tatsuya, Tomio, and Tsuneo.

As you can see, Sonia is not amused. I feel ya, girl.

With this surprise, I thought it would be a good time to move the grandparents back in. They got their few days notice shortly after coming back so I had pretty good timing, if I do say so myself.
The kids were banned from the baby’s room after this fiasco. They totally get in the way.

I thought Nade would be happy to help out but her thought bubble had other ideas.

The three kids had mixed reactions to their new siblings. Yoshi and youngest girl, Momo, were both happy to have new siblings!

Asami, on the other hand, was very disappointed.

You weren’t even the youngest! What gives?

Maybe it’s a middle child thing.

Anyway, I was hoping to keep things normal (even with that mod!) but now the house has EIGHT CHILDREN. I’ll have to do some moving around to relatives to change clothes (SO ANNOYING). But, I do think it’s time that I let go of Maddox and Nade. They will not be getting a reprieve this time. Aya, on the other hand, will be sticking around until the end. I can chalk it up to the long life trait. She’ll move back in with her daughter at the lovely house in Oasis Springs.


Bonus funny: I sometimes get the bug where kids have random hair colors and styles. Here’s the best one I’ve seen appear.

Such a sad little clown.

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