Chapter 59: AP (After Patch)

Basements arrive, Mamoru is an elder(?), and we meet Aya’s secret family.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeere’s the patch! It was a little rough, not gonna lie. I took out almost all of my gameplay mods (the custom clothes, objects, & hairs stayed) and put back the ones that were updated already. My in-game family tree was screwed up but that’s really okay, I think. The relationships are still good so as long as that stays good I’m okay. I’ve got my family tree here, too, so that’s just fine. We’re so close to the end that it will be okay. I will make it through. positive affirmations

Anyway, with this patch came BASEMENTS! I decided it was time to redo some of my pointless rooms. The study/office was expanded a bit because I moved the extra bathroom to the newly installed basement. The computers that were in the “extra” room moved into the study and got a new chessboard (HA, I typed “cheeseboard” by accident).

The “extra” room as I’ve been calling it housed the new steps to the basement and the newly minted home gym! Yeah, it’s a little boring but it works.
Before we look at the basement I’ll show you the upstairs extra space on the landing since the workout equipment moved to the first floor.
And, still, before the basement a strange bug I found. Admittedly, this was before I took out all my mods. That was foolish of me. BUT STILL. I sent Mamo to work out for a bit and I went to see how he was doing and saw this:
WHY is that there?
I wasn’t about to try that again but I’ll keep an eye out for anyone now that they could kick the bucket at any time…
I originally had this as the basement:
Simple, nothing special. Extra collectibles that weren’t collectibles. But then something happened that made me decide to add a couple guest rooms…

I went with the Van Gogh beds and some Van Gogh art on the walls.

The Yellow Room
The Blue Room
Why did I do this, you may ask?
A couple posts ago I mentioned being worried about Aya. Turns out her dear husband, Nathanael (whom I never introduced you to) died a couple days after Aya was over to the house. I counted my household (five). I counted Aya’s (two). I had room for them. So, Aya and her daughter (oh yeah, she has a daughter, too) moved into the house.
As I feared, her age bar was sparkling. For some reason, I can’t see how long she has left but I bet that she’s really old. She’s always been healthy, you know.
Don’t worry about Aya, though – she only looks glum because I took away the “no autonomous mourning” mod (DARN I REALLY MISS THAT ONE). She’s still cheerful and just happy that she gets to play the piano.
Let’s introduce her daughter. This is Lea Ikeda-Vazquez. She inherited her mother’s overall beauty and her father’s prominent nose. Her traits are loner and music lover and her aspiration is Renaissance Sim. She’s the same age as Mamoru.

Let’s take a look into the past and catch you up a little…

This was Nathanael as an adult with his funky blue eyebrows and red beard. His traits were non-committal, goofball, and glutton.

And this was Lea as a child. I think she was pretty cute!

I gave up on following the rules fully ages ago so now they’re here so DEAL WITH IT. Also, if Aya dies sooner rather than later, Lea would be all alone and she’d probably move in anyway.


    1. The glitch was from a mod, actually! It was the “fit elders don’t die from exhaustion” one. It’s been broken for ages but I kept forgetting to take it out, lol. It causes trouble towards the end…


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